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Monday, January 24, 2011

Australian Spirit Book Review & M & S Textiles

Hold on to your seats because what I'm about to show you will either cause you to jump from your seat....or fall your your personal style and taste.  I recently had a need to get some pattern inspiration to work on a project I'm in the process of finishing (more on that later).  It is a darn good thing Waldo had purchased, "Australian Spirit"and all these amazing great fabrics from M & S Textiles.

"Australian Spirit"  is the first quilt project book to showcase Australian Aboriginal designs. Aboriginal artists paint the rich heritage of their use of color, symbols and design to tell their prehistoric stories. Having their art printed onto fabric gives them another dimension to speak to the world. The designers featured in this book have brought together this ancient art on fabric to create quilts that harmonize the work of many Aboriginal artists. Each project shares a different melody both stirring and beautiful. 'Australian Spirit - Designer Projects to Quilt, Fuse and Sew'

M& S Textiles
There are a variety of designers who have their patterns included in this book including; Yolanda V. Fundora, Sara Miller-Moe, Momo Lohani, Susan Deal, Cheryl Phillips*, Jayme Crow, Terrie Kralik, Diane Ricks, and Barbara Campbell.  Click on each person's name to read more about them individually.  Very interesting and talented ladies.  I've had the great pleasure of meeting Cheryl Phillips so it was a great thrill to see her work in the book. 
Look at all these beautiful fabrics Waldo owns (isn't possession 9/10ths of the law?)

Here are some close ups....hang on tight....this is where it gets exciting.....just think of all this amazing creativity.


The patterns in this book are excellent even if you were not using the AU fabrics....they are interesting and a nice diversion from traditional patterns.  The one I used for inspiration is by Terrie Kralik and it is titled, "Sacred Orb."  I read the instructions which were written well and I understood the directions.  I did not use the pattern exactly and I'll share that with you more later.

It is rare that I like every pattern in a quilt book.  Typically I like one and if I'm lucky two or three.  I was surprised to say that each pattern appealed to me and not just for use with the Aboriginal Fabrics (although those are spectacular!!!) but for other fabrics as well. 

More about my quilt soon.



  1. I love work from native artists, looks like a good book and beautiful fabrics.


  2. Hmmmm....I think I just might know what quilt you're alluding to! Can't wait to see it finished!

  3. I wish you had warned me to drool-proof my keyboard before reading this post! I'm jumping up and down with excitement to see your quilt - this book looks AMAZING, and that fabric is unbelievably gorgeous!

  4. Those are really quite interesting. I don't know IF I LOVE them though. Maybe they would have to grow on me.

  5. Amazing fabric. Cant wait to see what you have up your sleeve.

  6. These fabrics are amazing -- I always drool over them at quilt shows. Hmmm-- I should add some to my stash, shouldn't I?

  7. Kelly, the fabrics are wonderful. I have a large stash of Aboriginal fabrics, but I need more :0). Are you selling the book? I made a quilt using Aboriginal fabrics. You can see it by going here It was truly a labor of love, so I can't wait to get the new book. Thanks for sharing.

  8. I saw these at Quilt Market and bought myself 12 fat quarters. I love them!! I should have bought the book, too, though. I can't wait to see what you're doing with the fabrics.

  9. These are fabulous fabrics! My aunt would love them and the book!
    I may have to send her an early birthday gift! Can't wait to see your project!

  10. Ooh. I love those Australian fabrics. Sounds like a great book. Has your mystery quilt paid a visit to Wellsboro, by any chance?

  11. hello kelly, since my son is setteld down in sydney and since i discovered you beautiful country 2 years ago, i'm interested in australian quilts. i'm a french quilter and would like to buy the book "australian spirit" from m & s - the isbn # i got is wrong. can you tell me how to buy it and to let send it to france ? thank you - have a nice day, estelle


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