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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

CutRite Bind Up Demo - Perfect Mitered Bindings Every Time

  People tell me all the time that they have a hard time mitering their binding and they mess it up.  I know if I can do it, trust me, almost everyone else can do it to....because I'm just a middle of the road talented type quilter/sewing. 
I'm going to show you how I do it with the CutRite Bind Up.  I used a permanent marker and wrote the directions pretty much so it would be easy to follow along.  If I was one of those spanky young quilt bloggers I'd have fancy typewriting over the photo....clearly you get the "old fashion" version here at IHAN :)

Here are the ends of your have left tails unsewn from the edge of your quilt.  You bring the tails together to the point where you want/need them to meet.
Then you press them exactly where they meet.  Can you see I have the Left tail folded back and the Right tail folded back and I'm pressing the fabric right where they meet?  If you can't see this....blink a few times and then open your eyes again or go get your reading glasses!
When I open the Left tail you can see that there is a crease in the center where I had pressed my binding but also there on the Left as well.  I put arrows pointing to where the fabric was ironed and creased.  Although my black lines are not very straight, I'm certain you get the drift.
Now this is where you take your CutRite Bind Up  and place it over the tail with the L for Left facing upward just like the photo above.  Where the two creases meet you center the ruler right where they two creases meet.
You then do the same thing on the Right tail but notice the direction of the Right tail and the template.  The R is facing to the Right.  Again you line up the ruler over the center where the creases meet and cut the fabric along that line.
Then you take the CutRite Bind Up and match the notches to the ends of each tail clipping off each tip.
With right sides of the fabric together, they will now both meet up exactly as they need to.  You sew a 1/4 inch seam from one end to the other.
And Wahhhhh Lahhhhh, "Magic Mitered Binding" all done.  Now you just fold it over and stitch it to the quilt and you are now ready to hand stitch down your binding.  I know, I know....some of you cringe at hand stitching the binding on.  That is my favorite part as it gives me some time to separate from my project as it is coming to an closure ritual.

This is what the CutRite Bind Up Ruler  looks like without my funky handwriting all over the fabric.  Pretty darn neat ay?  I think so too.  I bet you'll never guess where you can get one guessed it...IHAN....dang you are one smart cookie today.  Guess some of us have  neurons that are re-firing again.

A couple reminders before I close.
1.  The FabShop is having a Shop Hop.  You might want to consider joining them because there are lots of great prizes being given away.  IHAN is participating so you will have to find the bunny at IHAN too.  There is also a weekly special throughout the month of January for the hop.  The specials are listed on the front page of IHAN each week.

2. Tomorrow night, Jan 12th (not the 13th like I wrote) is the deadline to get into the drawing for the Fab Five book by Abbey Lane Quilts.

I hope you are having a great day and have found several somethings to smile about and be grateful for.


DISCLAIMER:  I work alone and until Oprah or Gail loan me some of their staff, I'm the only editor there is.  I write all of the posts and because they are my words I don't see most of the mistakes.  I do use spell check but often times those mistakes are not caught.  So if you find mistakes that are dates or something that is not clear....feel free to e-mail me and let me know.  The rest is minor and just pretend you don't see it.  I'll be sure to return the favor :)


  1. I use a strip of fabric and sew it on the front, then I use that when I am done, to bind to the back. Simplest way I have found and I am too lazy to do anything else, lol.


  2. Now isn't that a niffy little gizmo. I've never seen this before. Love the art work ;-)

  3. What happened to your co workers, can't they edit your work or do they only edit your food? Get tutorial.

  4. I used the CutRite Bind Up Tool for the first time just recently. Now I wonder how I ever managed to make a mitered binding without it.

  5. That is a simple yet useful little tool!

  6. Thank you Kelly for this step-by-step tutorial on how to use one of those binding tools! I bought one and just could not figure it out at all but now I see clearly what I need to do! The part that had me stumped was butting the two ends... isn't that step one?!! (eyes rolling, little smirk) This I must share with my quilting buddy. Thanks soooo much!

  7. This amazing ruler is so cool that I'm sure all your co-workers could perfecting bind binding too. Love your post and glad you like this ruler too. I always thought I was good with binding, but this tool makes it so much easier and faster. Well worth the little $$$ it costs.

    I highly recommend it!


  8. That looks like a great little tool Kelly!

  9. haha!! I'm right there with ya on the spanky young quilt bloggers!!

  10. I think you're quite spanky! I like the writing on the fabric. And yes, I have my readers on... LOL!

    Have a great rest of the week!

  11. Kelly, I've never seen a mistake in any of your posting. Everyone of them has been perfect.

  12. This little gadget is too cool.

  13. Hi, Kelly, thanks for such a great writeup & explanation on a cool tool. That's exactly how I do it, but without the tool - I have to eyeball & pin it, and the tool figures it out for me...but...this is for bindings that meet up along a straight edge. What about making those fancy 45* miters on corners, so the borders (not binding) look like they're "framing" the quilt? Is there a special trick I haven't figured out yet, or do you think this will work for that too?

    Many thanks!! ~k

  14. Kelly,

    Thanks so much for this one! I had struggled with this and now I know. I need that ruler!!

  15. Hi Kelly, thanks for showing how that cool tool works! I used to publish the weekly bulletin for a church and I had a lady call me whenever there was a typo. She said she goes over everything she reads with a magnifying glass and always calls to tell people when there is an error. Bet she had a good time reading what I wrote cos I can't spell and spellcheck only works if you type what you mean. (plus I hate to proof read) LOL

  16. That is a VERY clever little tool!

  17. ohhh I like the look of this ruler...great idea..hugs Khris

  18. I love gadgets like that Kelly. Thanks for the tutorial!

  19. Just found you and this tutorial - thank you soooooo much! I will have to hop on over to your website and order this nifty CutRite Bind Up tool! Thanks for sharing! HUGS... and stitches

  20. Kelly, I am very interested in this notion. The mentors of our Guild are hosting a workshop relating to borders and binding and it would be great to be able to demo this to the group. I was not able to find this in your store. Perhaps you can email me directly so that I can ask a few more questions about the product.


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