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Friday, January 28, 2011

Crazy Quilting

It has been 10 years since I have done any Crazy Quilting.  I took a class with a wonderful teacher who owns a small shop in MI.  She provided the fabrics and we were to learn how to put together crazy quilting designs and choose stitching for them. 

When it was finished, I gave this to my girlfriend, Pam.  She has always been thrilled with any and all of my hand made gifts.  I think the pillow still looks pretty darn good for being 10 years old and having lived through several dogs and cats.

Just thought I'd share some stitching inspiration with ya!


  1. You got it going on with all those great stitches Lady!!! You rock!

  2. Just gorgeous Kelly! And you are trying to hide your stitching talents! Now we know!

  3. Beautiful pillow. I have always loved crazy quilting, but it does take a lot of time to put them together.


  4. Oh Kelly that is so pretty!!! Good job!

  5. That is soooo beautiful....wonderful work!

  6. One day I will learn how to crazy quilt...I have always loved them. Your pillow is wonderful

  7. Nice job on the pillow. I want to make a crazy quilt one of these days, ha I keep saying that.

  8. OOH, I have to admit - I LOVE this pillow, Kelly !!! Love it, love it love it. You can share your inspiration anytime with us.

  9. You did some lovely work back then. I am sure you could still do some if you so desired. It does provide me with inspiration, now to find the time to do some, lol.

  10. Crazy quilting is my first love, it always draws me in. The freedom of embellishing and the carefree placement of fabric scraps allows for so much creativity. I also love vintage anything and crazy quilts fit it perfectly...I am also crazy so it all works, Ha! Hope you are doing well and staying warm these days!

  11. I know how hard it is to keep those stitches even. You should be justifiably proud of this. Have you inspired yourself to do some more?


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