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Thursday, January 20, 2011

PA Retreat and Mountain Laurel Quilt Guild Meeting

Edited 1/21/11 due to photo errors

I know it has been a few days since I posted but I've been up to my ears in alligators!!!  The credit card processor is finally up and running on my website again.  I'm so relieved that is now fixed.  The co-workers were home from school yesterday due to all the ice on the roads.  So today, I'm right back to my blogging :)

Remember when I said I love the batiks at Needles Quilt Shop in Wellsboro, PA?  Well, as promised here is a photo of my loot.  I needed some brights and I loved the funky trees so I just bought those for my stash.  I'm not crazy enough to log in the fabric I purchase and what I use.  That would like listing all the junk food I eat on my blog.....NO WAY would I cop to that in public.  Not happening!

Back to the retreat at the Lake House.  This is a photo of Lois holding one of the blocks she made for her block exchange.  Her theme is "Sun Bonnet Sue Travels Around the World" (outside the continental US).  There were more blocks than I'm showing here.
Sun Bonnet Sue went to South Africa
Sun Bonnet Sue went to Hawaii 
Sun Bonnet Sue went to Italy

I think this one is when Sun Bonnet Sue went to Antarctica
Sun Bonnet Sue went to Scotland

Sun Bonnet Sue lost her innocence in Scotland apparently!
Sun Bonnet Sue went to Japan. 
Sun Bonnet Sue is not one of my favorite patterns but I love Lois' interpretation.

On Monday night I was invited to speak, can you believe that?  People actually wanted to hear me speak.....I used to get paid to listen and now I got paid to speak....I'm liking this :)

I was invited to speak at the Guild Meeting on Monday night.  In my last job I was paid to listen, now I'm getting paid to speak....hmmmm I think I like this.

This is the Wellsboro Library next to the Cultural Center.  There are many beautiful homes like this one in Wellsboro, PA.
That is Anya in the window waiting for me to arrive.  She said she did not know it was me until she saw the camera....then she was sure.
Anya made this beautiful quilt using only fabric she had in her stash and her scraps.  Her goal is to refrain from purchasing new fabrics until she uses what she already has.  I'm thinking she may need some serious support to achieve that goal....what do you think?
This is none other than the IHAN CEO demonstrating a Velocity 50 Iron by Reliable.  I love the look on peoples faces when I plug the Velocity 50 in and it starts to steam, and steam, and continue steaming without one drip of water leaking out.

I'm not quite sure what is happening here.  I think the gals were laughing as they passed the Gypsy Sit Upon around the audience.  I probably said something like, "what are you laughing about?  I haven't even had a chance to show you how well I can iron in a contortionist position."

I love the response I get when I show people how to cut 117 2 1/2 inch accurately cut squares in less than one minute.  I put this die through the Sizzix Vagabond and out the other side came 117 perfect squares...and the crowd smiles!

I had a wonderful time while in PA.  This is the East Coast Operations Facility and that was the last thing I saw as I drove away.  You can't see MJ in the doorway waving goodbye....but I remember her standing there as I drove away.

And this is a photo of the barn with light snow falling in the early morning.  The little prints in the snow are from the cat that lives across the road.  I can't wait to return....and it won't be too long either.  Mr. McSteamy's Grandmother turns 100 in February and we are going home for the celebration.  She is a quilter too!!!  I wonder how many quilts she has made in her 100 years?  I'll have to ask her.


  1. That area is lovely...and the Mountain Laurel Guild does some great quilting....their shows are wonderful

  2. Oh Kelly I am so happy that they paid you to speak :-) Woo-hoo girl, you will soon be famous! And and Patsy sure do love your Sizzix!

  3. Love that sunbonnet, so funny;)


  4. Love your loot, and the blocks are adorable. What fun!

  5. Wow Kelly, what an awesome time...looks like alot of fun and alot of the fabrics!!

  6. Do you have a link to the Lake House? Would love to see if some guild friends and I could go up during the summer.


  7. The last three Sunbonnet Sue Pictures are not showing.

    I wish I had been there to see you demonstrate the Velocity 50.

  8. I'm not a "sue" fan, but this is great fun--like the "Sue-icide" quilt. I wonder what else Sue could do?

    Were you juggling hot irons? Do you run with scissors, too?

    Can't wait to save up the dough for a Vagabond. I cut some fabric that was supposed to be squares. Not. What a pain.

    That last pic is a beauty!

  9. Looks like you had a blast especially with the Velocity iron :)

  10. Looks like a wonderful time there. Yes, do ask about how many quilts Grand mom has made.

  11. I'm in love with the fabrics you got Kelly - those are gorgeous! And I love Lois's sunbonnets, but for some reason the last 3 pics don't show up. I'm pretty picky about which sunbonnets I like too, and I really like these!
    Love the pics of you speaking, especially ironing, lol. That looks like a beautiful part of the country. 100 years old, how special is that? Do ask her how many quilts she's made, I bet she has no idea!

  12. What fun. Great post. Happy to see you tag your photos. I am also inspired with your insights on the Sizzex. Sounds like you definitely favorite over the AccuQuilt GO! oH, How I would have loved to have been at this meeting. What fun and great insights.


  13. Hi Kelly,
    Thank you your program at guild on Monday night. It was great to finally meet you. A fun and informative evening!

  14. I can honestly say I've been to many places but Sun Bonnet Sue has been to more...LOL

    Okay, I want to know more about the Velocity iron. I have to do some research.

  15. The sunbonnetsue blocks are so unique. Thanks for an interesting post today.

  16. Hi Kelly, nice presentation! Anyone who can do it on 1 foot gets raves from me. I like the 2 batiks on the end by your trees. Better hide them in case I get your way. I was wondering if Sunbonnet Sue fell on her way up the hill, but I see she is just taking advantage of the "view" in Scottland. Thanks for the laught.


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