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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Simplicity Deluxe SideWinder

Let me just tell you why I love my "job."  I got an order for a Deluxe SideWinder a few weeks ago and then the customer e-mailed me immediately to tell me she had read on a chat board that this SideWinder did not work with the bobbins she uses.  She wanted to know if I knew for sure whether it would work with her bobbins. 
I already knew that there was an extensive list of bobbins that had been tested with the Deluxe SideWinder but I did not know about this bobbin in particular.  I suggested she send it to me and I'd test it.  We figured it was cheaper than her sending the Bobbin Winder back if indeed it did not work like the chat board writer had suggested.  Her bobbin is pictured worked perfectly.  Guess I'm a Myth Buster too!! 
So I figured, why not take this opportunity to show others what I do here at IHAN.  I test notions to be sure they work like they are advertised to work and decide if I want to write about them or not. 
After winding my customers bobbin a light bulb went could post about this.  So of course I had to wind another bobbin...some of us are slower thinkers than others :)
See how nicely it winds bobbins.....and tons of bobbins too.  What makes it Deluxe you might ask?  Not only does it wind bobbins for sewing machines, embroidery machines and long arm quilting also will wind thread from smaller spools to cones (up to 12,000 handy is that?  Very cool indeed...if I don't say so myself)  It has a tension adjustment for the different thread weights.  See the little white circular disk to the left of my bobbin?  That is the dial that lets you decide how much thread you want on your bobbin and it has a speed control, fancy that!! 

I like the way those folks at Simplicity Creative Group think.   I'm guessing at Spring Market in Salt Lake City they'll show us even more ways to use the Deluxe SideWinder.....because they are always thinking.

I can think of so many different reasons to use this machine and since it is my blog....I think I'll just tell ya!

Share thread with a friend-you can wind off some thread from those zillion yard cones to share with a beginning quilter or just send some to a blogging friend so they can built their thread stash too.  You can wind off a large sample of your threads and put them into the bobbin doughnut (Bobbinsaver-I love to call them doughnuts) to carry with hand stitching projects.  Not only are they great for travel....but when you go shopping for fabric how nice would it be to pull a calorie free doughnut (Bobbinsaver)out of your bag to make sure you have the right color thread before you get back home?  For those of you who teach can wind off thread onto plastic bobbins to give to your students....or if you sell kits.....make your own thread kits the same way.

I bet you never thought of these great ideas did ya?  If you did....Good On Ya Mate :)

So if you are like many others who like to always have plenty of full bobbins to work with....the Simplicity Deluxe SideWinder may just be the ticket for you too!

How many other stores can you shop with that will do this for you and let you know the results to save you money?  Just another good reason to shop at IHAN and feel free to tell your friends too....all one zillion of them :)

Oh I work so hard....I think I'll take a break now.....



  1. I always have problems winding my threads, mine even winds while you sew, thought I haven't figured that out yet.


  2. I'm so glad someone tests them, I will know who to ask before I buy something. I only have a limited amount of money to spend, and I want to be very careful to buy the right item. I would hate to spend money on something that isn't exactly what I need to do the job! Thank you for testing (I bet it is fun though !)

  3. I am so glad you posted this. I see this thing in all the magazines and think why in the world would I want that when my sewing machine will wind bobbins! But you are so right with all the ideas you gave me. Plus, it will probably give my sewing machine a break. It really is nice to have several wound up ahead of time when you are working on quilting the quilt!

    Thanks a bunch!

  4. Thank you for talking about this because I am wanting to purchase the original Sidewinder and I didn't see many good reviews on it:( Even though you tested the Deluxe I am sure that the original would perform the same way- right? Have you tried the original? I was doing some free motioning on a quilt last week. I thought that it would be nice to have a Sidewinder to wind a few bobbins to replace every time one gets emptied instead of having to take the whole quilt off the machine:/ Would be a huge time saver!

  5. interesting thing to know... but then I always know to shop your suggestions, becuase I know they've been pre-tested. That's why I shop IHAN.

  6. This is why I value your recommendations so much. You do great product testing & reviews.


  7. The moment I saw that distinctive green bobbin, I knew the answer to something I have always wondered. only goes to show..don't believe everything you hear or read ;)Thank you for sharing that bit of information and all of the many others that you share with us.

  8. I love the job you do and the side of humor for free. Keep up the good work.

  9. I LOVE that you're knowledgeable about your products, Kelly! I have to ask, do you have bobbin savers in any color but lavender?

  10. Hi there Kelly...saw your interview over at Micki's!!! Also see that you worked with Developmentaly Disabled adults...I have a daughter with Developmental Delay...I love the bit where you said you would like everyone to live to their full potential...How very true!!! Wishing you a Happy New Year...Dzintra♥x

  11. You need to write Myth Busters, maybe they will put you on but don't let them use you as a dummy...that wouldn't be nice....make sure you are behind the cement wall.....wear your helmet and don't do any of that at home. Some body has to look out for you!

  12. I just purchased the sidewinder deluxe and I did find that it winds the viking green bobbins backwards. To get them to wind properly you have to place the bobbin on upside down. They don't fit exactly right on the unit, but it seems to work. There also doesn't seem to be an auto stop feature, I have to turn the unit completely off to get it to stop winding. I still think I like it, but it would be nice if you could reverse the spin.

  13. Now I'm kind of says it doesn't wind Pfaff clear plastic bobbins? I have the original bobbin winder and have never had any problems with winding my clear plastic pfaff bobbins (from the Pfaff 7500 machines i.e. 7510, 7530, 7550, 7560, and 7570). So I'm wondering why the machine (the deluxe version) says no to the pfaff plastic bobbins when the old machine does them just fine. Maybe they mean only certain pfaff clear plastic bobbins and not all of them? I know that there are a couple different pfaff clear plastic bobbins, so I wish they were more specific....because darnit! I wanted one of these for Christmas so I could wind cone thread!


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