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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Invention Convention 2011

Today everyone in the 2nd grade had an opportunity to display their inventions for the "Invention Convention."  Parents and grandparents were invited to come and see the children's inventions. I must admit when I first read the assignment I thought to myself, "are they kidding me?"  Yes, I do have negative thoughts from time to time. I certainly was pleasantly surprised when I saw the value of the assignment and the incredible inventions the children have made.

"The Recycle Crusher" invented by an IHAN co-worker.

Aaron's "Recycle  Crusher" is intended for home use.  You put your cans, bottles, paper, cardboard and batteries into the small box.  The machine smashes your recyclables into neat cubes to be put into your recycle container in the garage  (like a trash compactor).  

Below are photos from the Invention Convention.  Only those children who's parents gave me permission to photograph are shown with faces.  The other children's faces have been blurred or cropped for their privacy.

I did not get the name of this invention but I thought it was excellent. 
The back of the robe has a pocket for and an insert to warm and vibrate your back when it hurts.  Isn't that cool?  I hope she actually got to sew that little robe and pocket.

This is the "Pooch Patrol."
A robot person that comes complete with everything necessary to play with and clean up after the dog.
The orange object on the right side is a squirt gun.  A brush, a ball and of course....the poo poo scooper and bucket!
Then....the feet were too good to pass up....thread spools :)

I think this next invention is clever too.  If we had one of these hooked up to your sewing machines many of us would have smaller behinds....including me. 

You have to either walk on a treadmill or ride the exercise bike to power your television set.  Not only is the idea great but I love seeing it made out of Lego's.
I could wear this next one while stitching....but of course mine would provide chocolate cookies....negating the use of the previously mentioned invention.
"The Automatic Teeth Cleaner" made me just put your teeth up to the box.  Hmmmmm....
The "Automatic Clothes Folder" is a definite must in my household and I'm glad I know who invented it because I'm going over to their house to buy the first one that comes out of the factory.

You put the towel onto one of the spools and twist....and best works :)

Just remove the towel and it is ready for the kitchen drawer.  I'm thinking I need a robot to do all of that for me too.
The "Dial-a-Doo" made me laugh out loud.  Unfortunately I did not get the best photo of this one.  It is a red had and you set the dial for how you want your hair done and it does your hair for you.

It will give you french braids, a pig tail, a head band or something that I can't remember.  Read the description below:
The inventor of "The Kiss-A-Matic" apparently does not like giving kisses.  If a kiss is required the person spins the dial and it stops at a number....then the recipient gets......
What else but a chocolate kiss.  There was a line of children to spin his wheel for the chocolate.

I saved the absolute best for last.  I walked up to this young man and asked what his invention was and he went right into the description without a seconds hesitation.
This is "The Mail Indicator 3000" and it lets you know when your mail has arrived.  "The Mail Indicator 3000 helps you to avoid superfluous and unnecessary trips to the mail box."   That is an exact and direct quote.  I ran for a piece of paper and a pen to write it about a Readers Digest moment.  I was obviously tickled and was soooo glad I had the opportunity to go today.  Superfluous....and unnecessary trips....well...there you have it.....a second grader with a vocabulary to be proud of!
There were so many more that are not included here....all of them were wonderful and imaginative.  I hope you have smiled and perhaps is moments like these that keep me filled up.  Seeing all the little handwriting and drawings.....the smiling faces and the missing heart is still singing.


  1. Oh my gosh, those kids are soooo clever! I just love a child's imagination... boundless!

    Thanks for sharing that. it sure put a smile on my face.


  2. superfluous... get that kid a job in marketing!

  3. Those are just way too cute!! Thanks for sharing, and give the kids two thumbs up for the great new inventions.

  4. Oh wow these are TOO cute. Oh yes, you made me laugh, and cough, and cough...........

  5. That is one smart group of kids. And yes they made me giggle and smile. i am glad you went to so we could enjoy it as well.

  6. I so enjoyed reading all of the inventions, these kids sure do have the imagination for sure...what fun!!

  7. That is too cute, kids are so funny.
    Love the mailbox alarm, I could use that, haha.


  8. Oh, now that brings back memories! One year my son invented a grape crusher. I really worked and juice came out, but since he had made it of wood, it wasn't very sanitary and we decided we should just set it on a shelf to look at rather than keep it for regular use!

  9. the kids are really fantastic with great ideas. thanks for sharing.

  10. There is nothing like a childs imagination! Thanks for sharing this Kelly - it's been a long...long time since I've been to an invetor's fair

  11. Too funny! The kids had great ideas then to turn them into something to demostrate - WOW - so creative. I can see why your heart is singing.

  12. What a riot! When my son was a tyke, he created an automatic dog feeder (a tube with daily stops in it). He was so proud of it that we've kept it all these years. Still in a corner of the garage. Congrats to your co-worker on a job well done!

  13. I am so happy to see so many kids with such wonderful imaginations - and clever ideas!!!! Amazing, Kelly!

  14. This was awesome!! Too bad no one had the sox matcher 2011 yet!! Loved the clothes folder!! Brilliant!

  15. Kelly,
    Aaron has been trained well. Takes right after his mother on recycling.

  16. I just love the minds of children. So beautiful!! What a fun day this must have been. Thanks for sharing all the wonderful and creative inventions. :)

  17. OMG, I miss that stuff. Please keep enjoying and sharing it for all of us that now have to wait for grandkids.


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