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Friday, May 29, 2009

Another Quilt Market Story

Before I get into Quilt Market.....please join me for a moment......

Ahhhhh can you hear that? Yes that.....the silence. Aaron is at school and Rick has taken Zach to the ENT. All I can hear is the clicking beneath my a glass of ice tea....come join me on our imaginary porch swing and feel the breeze coming off the ocean and listen to the wind in the palm trees. (Anything is possible in cyberville Ohio :)

Now that your legs are swinging back and forth under the porch swing, the breeze is flowing through your hair and you are enjoying the smell of the ocean......let me tell you about meeting Jan Carr, COO, at Clover.

Eleanor, Lois, Jan, Mary Jane (I'm behind the camera!)

Mary Jane called on my cell phone telling me she had found a wonderful thimble and I needed to come right over to the Clover booth. I'm not a very good hand quilter so I was not very excited about a thimble. I might as well be going over to see a shoe box. However, to Mary Jane finding a great thimble is like seeing the red ruby slippers!! She owns at least two dozen thimbles, some of which she likes and others she doesn't. Mary Jane is my "Thimble Expert". She has so many blue ribbons for her hand quilting work that her son had to make special accomodations in her sewing studio for them..... so she knows her hand quilting and thimbles.

I arrive to find Mary Jane talking to Jan Carr about The Protect and Grip Thimble . Jan shakes my hand and gives me a pretty green Clover pin and a Clover Tape Measure. Not a bad way to say hello!! Mary Jane is very enthuastiac about this thimble and the way it fits. What does Jan do? He gives it to Mary Jane along with 4 others to use for her classes. In business, a hand shake usually is appropriate but this was no usuall business transaction....I lost myself and gave him a big hug of appreciation. The other gals did too.

I ran right home and put The Protect and Grip Thimble on my website. It comes in Small, Medium and Large. Minimum purchase is 3 (cuz you'll loose one down the chair cushion or put it in a project bag and you'll need another one, right?) Then you'll have to share one with a quilting friend because that's how quilters are....generous and love to share their best finds.

In honor of Jan Carr's kindness and generousity, I am giving away a Protect and Grip Thimble (medium) and a Clover tape measure (as seen in the photo) today on my blog. All you have to do to win is leave a comment on my blog about why you want this thimble AND name one other Clover product that you own or would like to own. I will do the random number generation (unless there are only a few posts...then I'll do the name in the jar trick) and the lucky winner will be announced tomorrow and the Thimble and Tape Measure will be shipped tomorrow morning :) Please leave your e-mail address....if you want the thimble that is :)


  1. I need a thimble to sew on my sons patches on his scout uniform. Ouch! I also hand sew my bindings on my quilts. I would want the black gold quilting needles. Thanks

  2. I too love thimbles. Still haven't found the "perfect" one, but I saw these new clover thimbles in an add the other day and wondered if they would be it! As for another clover product: Gee, that's easy! Yoyo anyone/

  3. I'd love to try a new thimble and hoping it's good. The yoyo-maker is one of Clovers products I want to buy one day,
    lotta.nils at

  4. I have never found a thimble that was comfortable and would love to try this one.I have at least 2 dozen different thimbles in my sewing machine cabinet and none of them are comfortable. My favorite Clover product is the bias tape maker.My porch swing is available anytime just no palm trees. Have a great day.

  5. I've been looking for these thimbles ever since I saw a picture of one in a quilt mag. yeah!
    I like many clover products-- the bias tape maker, their needles, the ready fusible bias, the yo-yo akers come quickly to mind.

  6. oops. not sure if my e-mail will show up or not, but here goes:

  7. Hi Kelly, I have been browsing your store. I'd love to have a thimble to go along with the gloves I need to order. So add me to your giveaway and we'll see what happens :-) I also own a Clover Chaco liner.

    Thanks, Jocelyn

  8. I can't name just one favorite! Their bias tape makers are the best on the market. But - the needle threader! It's at the top of my list. I'd LOVE to have the thimble!


  9. Hi I would love to win the thimble. I have several Clover products and enjoy using them all. My favorite is the Mini Iron which I use for paper piecing and applique.
    Thanks Lesley

  10. The gloves are something I need, and maybe a bias maker and may be a very small yoyo maker. Plese add me to the draw for the thimble.

  11. The thimble looks like a winner. I'd also like to try out one of the bias tape makers. Everyone seems to like them a lot. Thanks for the giveaway!

  12. I would love the new thimble. I have a lot of them but not one fits me properly. I own a lot of clover products including the bias tape makers.


  13. I am so enjoying your stories! I am a novice hand quilter and haven't found the right thimble (for me) yet, so I would love to try the Clover one. My favorite Clover gadgets are the seam ripper and the needle threader. Both are well-used, believe me!


  14. I would love to own the cloverthumvle. I own two clover punchneedle hoops a 4 inch and a 7 inch along with the clover stand . I hand quilt and finding the pufect thimble would be totally awsome. twgless

  15. I have been enjoying your stories from market! As a novice hand-quilter, I haven't yet found the perfect (for me) thimble and would love to try the Clover thimble. My favorite Clover notions are the awl and needle threader, both well-used!


  16. Even though I don't do much handwork, I do like to sew my bindings on by hand, so I could use a good thimble. I have several Clover yo-yo makers...Thanks for the chance, Kelly!

  17. I've tried the new thimble and it is wonderful! Hope I win. Thanks for the giveaway.
    Dori (from PA)

  18. I may be too late for the giveaway but wanted to say thanks for sharing the new product info. They look terrific!


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