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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Quilt Market Chapter One

Cedar Canyon gave a wonderful lecture on Paintstiks on Fabric. I loved the lecture and made sure I was able to get to their booth to see their demonstrations. I will post a full post just on their Paintstiks because it was so cool. I felt like a little kid when someone else won the gift package. I wanted to jump up and down and say, "No Fair." You'll be pleased to know I did not give in to my impulses :) But I have to admit.....I really wanted that entire set and will be buying it soon. Paintsticks will be added to my store in the next few days. I am convinced these sticks will really make some fun additions to my art quilting.

I was walking up the hall looking for a classroom when who did I run into? Guess....nope, that is one guess, nope-not Elvis, that is two, not Oprah.....
Nancy Ziemen and here is a picture to prove it!!! She just walked out of a classroom and there she was smack dab in front of me. So I asked to take her picture and she was happy to let me take a picture and someone suggested I get in the photo too!!! Movie Stars....oh yea!

This is not a very good picture of either one of us. I handed my camera to a stranger and I think the pix came out a little blurry. We both are very good looking gals in real life....honestly! :)

Marinda Stewart had recently published a book, "Punchneedle The Complete Guide." She gave a lecture and showed many of her pieces. I was so excited because I just love Punchneedle. I put my business card into the basket and was hoping they would call my name. Guess What??? I won a fresh signed copy of Marinda's book. I had goosebumps. I'm sorry I won't be giving this book away on my blog. I must admit....I feel very selfish with certain things and this is one of them. I will loan it however, if you are local :)

Presencia gave a class on their threads and flosses. The gal giving the class was very knowledgeable and that made the talk interesting. Presencia gave everyone who attended some thread.

I also won when they pulled my business card out of the bag....and I got a spool of purple floss.

Brewer brochure that gave information about classes offered by Brewer throughout the day. I even got to meet the lady that developed the brochure. Very smart gal!!

I went to Brewer's Fabric Freedom Kits class and saw their holiday lines for 2009. Everyone got a Charm Pack for attending. I was lucky enough to be given a 10 inch layer cake as well!!! Woo Hooo....

Brewer also showed their Silk line and some quilts and purses made from silk. They were lush. I even got a sample of the silk as a gift. I thought the silks were beautiful but I know with two little boys it will be a very long time before I make a quilt from silk.

I mentioned to one of the Gal's from Brewer that I've been back ordered on some thread that was supposed to be shipped and was not shipped, she offered me several spools of thread. How nice was that? I have found the folks at Brewer Distributors to be so helpful when I call. I mentioned that to some of the Brewer Personnel and they were very pleased that I told them about the girls who were so kind and helpful. Very nice folks over there.

This picture is actually of three tote bags that Andover Fabrics gave away with their lectures. Inside was a brochure of their newest fabrics and a CD with all of their new fabrics that can be downloaded to Electric Quilt software. How cool is that? Very smart folks over there at Andover.

Andover Fabrics had several classes throughout the day. Their rooms were full and overflowing. I have to say those folks had a ball telling about their fabrics and patterns. Their designers were there as well. They really made everyone smile and laugh out loud several times. I will post about their new fabrics in one post because I took a bunch of pictures.

I have to really pace myself girls. I took so many pictures you would have thought I was a magazine photographer or something. I guess I used my camera as sort of my external memory card. I knew I would forget all that I saw so I took pictures to remind myself. I expect soon I will be taking photographs of the streets I pass so I can find my way back home!!!
I realize some of these pictures are out of order but I've had one heck of a day yesterday. This is the best I can do for today....stay tuned....I guarantee lots and lots and lots of goodies and great things to share....because....I Have A Notion :)

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