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Thursday, May 7, 2009

More Beautiful Back Packs and Taglets

Mary Jane is on a roll. She has made two more back packs and she said she is making two more. I think these are so fun and I can't wait to wear one at the Quilt Market. I think Amy Butler will be very pleased....I would be :)

Way to go Mary Jane!!!

This little creation is my new Bag Tag....he is very small so I'm calling him my Bag Taglet. I got the idea from a business card my husband brought home from Best Buy. The card was the same size as this Bag Tag and the same shape. Since my larger tags are the same struck a about smaller tags! As you can see...I'm extremely bright :)

Here is the Taglet next to a regular size Bag Tag. I think they are so cute and would be great on diaper bags and on the kids back packs and lunch boxes for school. I also think they would be great for identification when going to a Zoo or an Amusement park. Just fill it out and put it through one of their belt loops or shoe strings (perhaps a little smaller for shoes). You could put your cell phone number on it so if the child gets separated from you someone could call you on your phone. I always think about these sort of things because I have two little fellas.
Speaking of little fellas...Zach turns 5 on Tuesday. We are having his birthday party on Sat with a Scooby Doo theme. I still need to come up with games. Guess I better get busy on Google....unless any of you have any great ideas you want to share with me....PLEASE :)
By the way, I have added a new category on my website. You can now shop for "Dear Jane" books and supplies all in one category.

1 comment:

  1. ohhh I LOVE this bug tag...he is sooo cute..hugs


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