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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Jenny of Elefantz

Well, well, well ladies and gentleman (are there any gentlemen reading this blog??? other than you Bill?) you are going to love what I have found. Many of you know that I love stitching and when I saw this site I was pleasantly surprised by how fresh and heartwarming Jenny's designs are. Flipping/clicking through each page and picture on Jenny's blog brought more and more smiles to my face. You can not look at these without feeling lighter in your heart....and if you need to call me; I'll hook you up with someone who can prescribe meds for your condition :)

See, aren't they cheerful? She has a giveaway on her blog and if you mention I sent you, I will get two extra entries. If by chance I win and it was because of you....I guess I will have to share the prize won't I? can have it for 6 months than I can have it for 6 months etc....agreed? Ok then Agreed.
The fabric Jenny chose is very pretty and reminds me of being a little girl. I bet it would be just as beautiful in batiks. I'll have to add this to my 7,897,406,104th project. See, I do plan on living a very long time :) There are free downloads for these patterns you will have to stop by and look at Jenny's work.
"Jenny of Elefantz" doesn't that sound like a lovely title for a movie?
The number counters for UFO's don't go that high so I have learned to keep track of my projects myself using the old draw a stick method. It is a real pain to have to tally those sticks....but my projects are very important to me!!!!

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  1. Kelly, you are SO kind - thank you for your lovely words about my blog and designs! They are all meant to bring joy and put a smile on faces. I'm thrilled you saw that! Hugs, Jenny. :-)


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