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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Hi, I'm Kelly and I'm an Addict

I guess it is time I come clean. I could not control my impulses and purchased more fabric than I will use in a year or more....probably 3 years. I also bought some patterns. I will not be carrying fabrics on my website in the foreseeable future....but the patterns and notions will be there if not already. are the introductions to my new babies:

These are Dovo scissors. I had never heard of Dovo prior to Quilt Market. I have always thought Gingher scissors were the best and nothing compared. Well...guess I was living in a cave. These scissors cut like 'buttah' girls. You may have to give up you car to buy them but who cares about driving when you can have these lovely sewing scissors right? Right!!! I'm walking and I'm OK with that....a bit tired....but it's OK....that is what I'm telling myself anyway :) I have the paperwork to begin to order these Dovo scissors for my website but they are not on there yet. If you want a pair and know which one's you want....sell your car....then e-mail me!!

This cool tool by New Leaf clings to your sewing machine top and helps you to sew on a diagonal line. I really liked it so I bought several for my website and of course one for me. Selling the car is not necessary for this cool tool....lunch would be more expensive :)

These patterns are by Castilleja Cotton. They are two sisters and a husband....they don't share him....well....they did not appear to share of the sisters was married to him....oh geez...I'm really digging a hole aren't I? Anyway....lovely people from Canada and I loved their patterns. They all three design and do what is necessary to take their patterns to market.

These are only 2 of Florine Johnson's roosters. I have ordered more and they will hopefully arrive soon. I just loved them. I have no idea why....probably the bright cheerful colors. I hope you love them too.....cuz I'm going to have those soon too.

Lori Smith's patterns were just beautiful. I wanted every one she had. She has even designed patterns that when finished will fit into ready made frames. How smart is that? So you go to your local frame shop (or if you are like me....your local garage sale) and buy a frame to fit your piece. I already have a few of her patterns on my site. Soon I will have as many as I can upload!!!

I thought these Flower Power Pincushions would make fun gifts. They would be great for Guild exchanges and fundraisers too. I'm hoping to have them on my site soon too. Geez....I need either more time or helpers.....

This pattern is by "The Noble Wife" and I thought they would be fun for flowers on a purse or as an embellishment on a package. Just too cute to pass up.

I liked this pattern for a purse organizer by Studio Kat Designs. I thought others might be interested for their purses and for their sewing notions in their sewing bags.

Cotton Ginnys had this Cell Phone Catty. I thought it might make Cat Lovers smile. I think it would also be very nice in punchneedle.
OK comes the fabric.....I'm telling you right now....I am studying Karate and I own weapons.....DO NOT BREAK INTO MY HOME AND TRY TO STEAL MY have been warned. I won't be serving coffee and cookies if I find you piling through my stash :)

Marrakesh by Hoffman Fabrics

Folklorika by Andover Fabrics....coordinating fabrics below.

Posies Roll Up by Robert Kaufman

Starflake by Brewer Sewing

This beautiful assortment is by Avlyn Fabrics.

Andover Fabrics Autumn Bounty panel and coordinating fabrics below.

Hoffman California front

Hoffman California back

I must have lost the label....but I loved it.

Exotic Felt Assortment by National Nonwovens.
I now live in a tent and walk everywhere I go.....but I do have an electrical cord from the kind neighbors to my tent so I can still sew.


  1. that you are homeless, you can live with me, but you have to bring your stash. I won't charge you room and board, just a fat quarter here and there!! Looks like you had a great time.

  2. Oh my about stash envy!!! I love love love the Folklorika fabrics! I sure hope Katie and Mary bought that line for the shop!

  3. Nice stuff! Owning a home is over rated!

  4. Each and every one of these fabrics is gorgeous in it's own unique way.


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