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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

"Calling All Critics" Follow Up

OK Gals.....these were the responses I received for the Love/Hate sewing notions and organizers. You may recall I have already posted mine in a previous post titled, "Calling All Critics".

"One of my favorite notions/quit tools is my Fons and Porters ergonomic seam ripper. I love the big easy to grip handle!" Susan

Susan, I took this pix from another site...I hope I got the right one. I love your signature in your comments and on the e-mail. I've decided to put mine where ever I want it and if someone thinks I'm ignorant for doing so.....I'll just have to be ignorant :)

Shelly bought this rotary blade sharpener and says she can not get it to work correctly. I posted this to see if anyone else has bought one and if they have any tips or ideas. The jury is out as to weather these rotary sharpeners really work. So if you know of one that does...please do tell us all!!! Shelly said, " Here is the link for the particular sharpener I bought. I got mine from an online quilt shop so paid the higher price."

"This will be a very interesting thread. I may not be doing something right if others have had good success with theirs...I could use some tips."


Well Shelley....I hope we get some answers....if not I'm going to Quilt Market in Pittsburgh on the 15th of May and I'll try to find someone who is selling them and can demo one for me.

Mary Jane added this : "I think my favorite tool is the brass stiletto. I use it to un-sew as a seam ripper, pull out corners, hold seams as they go under the pressure foot, aide when ironing narrow folds and have even used it to pick out hickory nuts meats.
It is very strong and the point does not wear down, have had one for many years and it is still like new.

In fact, I have at the sewing machine area and one by my nesting corner in the great room.

I really like the paper punch, it makes either 3/4 inch or one inch hexagons for doing English paper piecing that I use in making the Bosom Pin Cushions. The secret to English paper piecing is having an accurate foundation to sew your fabric around."

Mary Jane, Kelly's vintage friend from Pennsylvania

Mary Jane, you are not are aged to perfection :)

Lastly, Behany Frerichs, posted her best and worst on her blog and you can just click on her name and it will take you right to the pictures!!! How easy is that?

Feel free to share your comments with all of us who are waiting to hear what tools or organizers you like or don't and if you have used a rotary sharpener with success.



  1. Hi Kelly, nice to meet you and so close to home:) Love this post, very interesting. It's great to meet new friends and what a bonus to have you in Perryburg. I live between Pemberville and Bowling Green on 199:) Jenna Louise

  2. As much as I dislike ripping seams perhaps I need an ergonomic one! Thanks for stopping by my blog.


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