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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Quilt Market Chapter 2

Misty Fuse and Transdoodle were two products that I had never heard of prior to going to the Quilt Market. I met a gal who was demonstrating how to use Transdoodle and Misty Fuse. I know I have her business card somewhere but I can't find it in this pile of paper I brought home from Market. I put these two items with the book I got about Fabric Art Collage because I really think all these products go wonderfully together.
Misty Fuse is a very thin/sheer paperless fusible that is great for all weights of fabrics (yes she said all and I saw it work). There is no extra weight from the fusible because it is so thin. I felt two pieces of cotton that had been fused and I could not feel the fusible web at all. It was not stiff or bulky. There is no added adhesive like some of the other brands so it does not gum up your needle or your scissors. I was so convinced that I bought several patterns that are applique. I plan to do a applique wall hanging for my kitchen and I'm going to use the machine applique technique. I saw some work that you absolutely could not tell was needle turn because the fuse was so thin and the stitches so invisible.
Moving on to Transdoodle. You can click on the link above to see a demonstration. I got so excited because I always mess up transferring designs. This product is a transfer paper that does not stain and is not waxy. You can re-use it over and over. It has a chalky color and will not set into your fabric. It rubs off. So if I want to transfer a pattern to black weavers cloth for Punchneedle. I just trace over the pattern with a layer of Transdoodle between my pattern and fabric and Wah-Lah....the design is there. It is like chalk carbon paper. You know I got a tube of this stuff.
The book, Fabric Art Collage by Rebekah Meier, was given by Checker Distributors and Rebekah signed each copy. I thought Misty Fuse and Transdoodle were perfect items to be used with Rebekah's book. I had watched Rebekah use another brand of fusible to bond tissue paper (gift tissue) and paper napkins together to make a paper fabric. I think the Misty Fuse would work wonderfully because it is so thin/sheer. It would not show through the work.
The rolls of white canvas is "Multi-Purpose Cloth" by Roc-Ion. This cloth feels like a canvas. It makes beautiful Floorcloths, Placemats, Wall Hangings and a variety of other items. This stuff feels sturdy yet flexible enough to sew through.
So you can take your Transdoodle to transfer your pattern and then use the Misty Fuse to fuse your papers or fabrics and then apply them to the Multi-Purpose cloth and you have an incredible wall hanging, floorcloth, bag, lamp shade, window shade, banner, sign, book cover, table runner or any other great thing you can think of.
I'm not being paid by any of these folks although I think I should be asking for some cash for advertisement. Big, no Huge Cash.....large denominations unmarked!!! I really think these are all great products and you have my word on that. No BS here.....that stands for Bologna Sandwich by the way :)
Sorry for the long post....but I had to tell you all about the great stuff I saw.

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  1. I've never been a fan of fusible products, but I have heard good things about the Misty Fuse. I will be anxious to hear about you think about it once you have had a chance to play with it.


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