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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Olfa At Quilt Market

Perhaps by now you may have noticed that I don't like to be told that something works easily and simply when in truth the item is a waste of money or a pain in the booty to use. I was pleasantly surprised at the Olfa demonstration booth.

The ruler in the top corner of this picture was the Olfa giveaway. Tell me I was not appreciative to try a ruler I don't own.

The Compass Circle Cutter was there on the table. I asked to try it and the gal invited me behind the counter to try it. On the very first attempt I made a beautiful errors. She showed me where the cap is stored when you take it off the sharp tip and how to retract the blade. I also learned how to replace the blade and I have to say it was easy and safe. I was able to make a variety of sizes with this simple tool. I am convinced that this is actually a valuable tool and it is what they say it is.

The Chenille Cutter demonstrated. It was very simple and the design helps preserve the life of the blade.

This is Olfa's Angle Ruler. I asked why the half circle was printed on it. I figured it would help cut circles somehow. Wrong!!! It is to help you visually see the angles. Someone very smart works at Olfa and it isn't me.

The friendly gal who was willing to take her time to show me the items and answer all my questions. Great gal to have at a booth....I hope she got paid extra because she was really helpful.
I will admit that prior to going to Quilt Market my preference for rotary cutters and blades has always been Olfa. However, I must admit I was very impressed with their other tools and have not problem recommending them to you.
I know you were all hoping they unloaded 500 blades on me so we could all share. But they did not....not this time anyway :) But if they ever do....I'll be glad to share!!!


  1. Hi Kelly, It's so good to know what really works and what doesn't. Thank you for all the information and Olfa is the best when it comes to tools.
    Keep Stitchen'

  2. Looked at the circle cutter the other day as I always seem to be cutting circles. I was not sure if it warranted being purchased good to see it is and easy to use. Thanks


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