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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

GrabARoo's for Free Motion Quilting...more on the Quilt Market

My friends and I stayed at a hotel near the Pittsburgh Airport on Friday and Saturday. I figured that being so far away from the convention center we would not be running into people from the Quilt Market. I was wrong....again.....On Friday morning Lois met some gals while having breakfast that were going to Quilt Market too. They told her about their product, GrabARoo's.

On the way to the convention center, Lois says we just have to stop by and see the gals from GrabARoos. Well, I'm not a free motion quilter and I'm guessing I'll never be one either, so I was not very interested. Lois would not let up. She was so geeked about these gloves that I was not getting away from going over and seeing these gloves.
Once I put a pair on I was convinced....these are very useful gloves. They are nylon with finger grips on both if one side gets used quite a bit you can just flip them over!!! They did not snag on my rings when I put them on. I was impressed that they fit me because I have large hands (feet too) and it is difficult to get gloves (and shoes).
When I got home, I put on a pair and started moving my fabric around and it was easy to grab....they're not kidding. They really work....I just love it when things "really" work...don't you?

Lois used to work for the Post Office and she just knew the folks over there at her Post Office would love them. So she got a pair for herself and two for the two people at the Post Office (she does not live in a very big town...hence two postal clerks).
Now I must say I'm a convert now....I really like them and I use them when I'm sorting my paperwork. I gave a pair to my Post Man and he was thrilled. He said they are great when he has to sort the mail because the paper is easier to grab and it does not deplete the oil from his fingers (touching paper all day dries out the hands). He also thought they would keep the wind off his hands in the fall and winter and still allow him to be able to grab the stacks of mail to put in mailboxes.
So...if you are a free motion quilter or would like to use a pair of gloves to make your fabric easier to hold ....try the GrabARoo's. They are also great for scrapbookers because you won't leave finger prints all over you pictures when cropping. I guarantee you wont' be disappointed. I came right home and added them to my website. If you buy a pair and don't like them....first I'll take you to a shrink and then I'll give you your money back .... but you have to give the gloves back and pay the shrink :)
I'm not being paid by these gals....I'm telling the truth, the whole truth...and nothing but the truth. They were soooo generous....they gave me a few pairs to use as a giveaway on my if you want to win a pair....guess you better keep-on-a-readin. You will be glad you did.


  1. Whoa-ho, this sounds like something I need to look into. I've been using garden gloves for free motion.

  2. I tried on a pair at a quilt show a few months ago here in tampa. it's amazing how much they can help you move that fabric. as far as I'm concerned every little bit helps! Hope your son and dog are feeling better. Rita


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