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Monday, May 11, 2009

Three, Two, One...and we will have lift off Huston

Well Huston, we have three days until lift off. We hope the weather is good for the launch and the sky's are clear. Destination: Planet Pittsburgh for Quilt Market.

I have been planning my clothes for the trip so I will be comfortable and able to walk for three days without sore feet. What do astronauts pack so they will be comfortable for their longer trips? Better call Huston I guess. Anyone have their web addy so I can enquire about the comfort of those diapers that you can ware for several days. Geez....I will hate to have to stop looking to go to the ladies room. I need NASA Diapers....if anyone has a connection please dial me right away!!! Do you think there is a tutorial on making Space Diapers on the web?

This is the Badge Holder we designed (I did the first name badge holder and decided it needed a wallet on the reverse side to hold money and ID etc. Mary Jane took right off and made some with really neat wallets on the back to match the backpacks she has made). I think we are going to be very spanky in Pittsburgh.

This is the area we will put our Badges in so we are permitted entrance into the Convention Area. These are sort of like the official tags the "Officials at Big Concerts" wear to go behind the scenes....but this will be much more fun. (it says unknown....but we really know who we are...don't worry....honestly we will be fine out of town by ourselves without knowing our names....what is most important is that we recognize one another right? :)

I will be sporting the backpack on the if you go and you spot can say Howdy!!
I hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day. I was greeted in bed with breakfast from my two boys. They were so excited and I got lots of kisses. They also made me gifts and got me a rose bush too. I felt really special. Then we went to my Mother's house (she is out of town for a month) and my husband, sister, nephews, brother and I did all the yard work and bush trimming and a few tree removals. It was a wonderful day and we all enjoyed ourselves. I just pray we can all walk tomorrow :)


  1. I love these backpacks! I'm a fairly new at sewing so if there is anyway you could post the directions, fabric sizes, tutorial for these I would so appreciate it. Thanks!

  2. How sweet that your family did the yard work for your Mom. She will be pleasantly surprised, I am sure. And tell me what kind of shoes do you wear for 3 days that don't hurt your feet!!! I need to know! That is always a huge problem.
    Have a very great trip. Looking forward to hearing all about it when you get back.

  3. I know that you are going to have a wonderful time at quilt market! Happy shopping!

  4. Very Cute! And I love that it matches the backpack. I don't even have a badge and I want a badge holder. I think I'll make one anyway, just so I am prepared!


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