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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Wonky Wonky Wonky

I think I'm suffering from a mysterious condition. I'm not quite focused or sharp the last few days. Perhaps I should not have sat down at the sewing machine in this condition. But I did.

My goal was to make a MP3 Player holder for my Sister's birthday gift. I'm using a tutorial from Rebecca at Sew, Mamma, Sew . Now, please don't hold Rebecca nor her directions responsible for what I have done.

XQXGXRXZZZ I just realized I uploaded the pictures backwards...I'll be right back after I change those pictures to the correct order. See....I'm not all here....Mindy and Mork have stolen my brain.

I'm back from were deleted and re-done. Am I the only one that is floating in outer space? I don't ever recall being so dis-con-bob-ulated.

So...picture one you will see that I layered the fabric incorrectly and what was to be the inside out.

Picture will notice the elastic that I was supposed to sew on the edge so it would be facing outward when it was on the inside....


OK....then I started over and chose a different fabric for the lining. Much better results this time (I don't think it had anything to do with changing the fabric....but you never know).

Here it is now....but you might notice....the elastic is a bit long.....

This is the button I made to go with the bag. I did punchneedle and then used a covered button. Well....the button does not work at all with the large loop and I needed to fill in the background. Live and learn.
I'm so glad my Sister will be satisfied knowing I made it. I will find another button....but I really wanted to make a punchneedle button cover....perhaps I'll do another one.....who knows.
Mork and Mindy are doing well if you were wondering. They are talking about building an addition for me to live in once I've completely lost my mind :) If you don't know who Mork and Mindy are.....well....I guess you can Google them!!!
Wonky Kelly

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