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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

International Quilt Market Houston 2009 & Alex Anderson of tonight....I'm not behind bars nor in surgery. I know you will all be so relieved to hear that!!!

I'll let you in on a little secret.... Alex Anderson has been working very hard this past week and she desperately needed a little "vacation" so I helped sneak her out of Houston. I'm only sharing this little travel log with you because I know how well you can keep a secret....she really does not want to be bothered....shhhhh
Here she is on my pillow at the Hilton in Houston on Monday night.....doesn't she look so peaceful resting on my pillow. That poor dear....her feet were hurting.

After an hours rest she was out and about....visiting with the gentlemen at the front desk at the hotel. She is so lovely....willing to speak to and visit with so many other wonderful people.

Of course....she does need a little nip every now and again....nothing too hard....just a little brew.

In the lobby at the Hilton, Alex ran into Neil Armstrong and could not resist getting her photo taken with him (he's slouching because he's a little tired too).

Of course she can't pass up Kenny Rodgers. I think she secretly wants just one slow dance with Kenny....but she just can't bring herself to ask him. Isn't that just so unfortunate?

I bet you didn't know Alex was once a member of ZZ Top. They threw her out of the group when she took some fast to fuse to their beards....those guys just don't have a sense of humor....too bad ay?

Time for a little spin before dinner....Alex really recovers quickly. She is sort of like the Energizer Bunny....she just keeps going and going and going!!!

She was spotted at The Grove having dinner.

After dinner, Alex went for a little stroll.....

then returned to the hotel and rested her feet for a few minutes before going to the Spa.

Here she is on the 23rd floor of the Hilton. The city lights were beautiful and she enjoyed a little dip in the hot tub.

Alex sure does make friends quickly. She acted like she knew these ladies all her life and I think she had just met them.
I'm really not bragging or anything when I say she enjoyed my company so much she asked....truthfully....she begged..... to come home to Perrysburg with me. What could I say?

She just hopped into the cab with me and off we the airport.
Alex got side tracked when she spotted one of her old students. She taught Barack Obama to sew back when he was just 9 years old. She was a young teacher just getting her start and he was her star student. Not only could he stitch in the ditch without a Bernina #5 foot.....that kid could really do some amazing thread painting.

While on the way to the airport....the cab experienced some technical difficulties. So, Saddo Dawood, the cab driver, had to take us back to the cab station to get another cab.

Alex was so patient and understanding. She never once complained....she just looked out the window.

Saddo drove through the city for another 5 miles when he needed to stop for gas. This new cab was out of gas. Smiling all the way....Alex just continued looking out the window.

We missed our flight to DTW......but at least Alex and I were able to hang out for a bit and visit with some new friends. Alex makes friends very quickly....check this out:
This young Texan was just standing in line and Alex starts chatting with him. I warned her.....but she didn't listen....(She knows "I Have A Notion" but she needs to get a clue too!!!) See what happens when you don't listen:

That poor girl needed a defibrillator....she had heart failure. I warned her about boys in cowboy boots and tight she listens to me next time!

She made it through security without so much as a bing or a buzz....not one alarm.

Some people just have to chat with everyone....including the pilot.

After stowing our luggage safely in the overhead bins....we took our seats and prepared for departure.

Of course she had to have the window seat. Normally I like that seat, but since she is going to be a guest at my home....I thought I'd be polite and let her have the window seat. I see she enjoyed the view.

Alex ran into Kaye England in Detroit. She actually begged Kaye for an autograph. Can you believe that? I was so embarrassed. They were chatting about Kaye's new fabric line "Hoe Down." I thought they would talk for hours so I interrupted the two of them and explained my Mother was waiting outside and we had to go.

I had to stop and get some little prizes for my co-workers. Alex went with me into Meijer so she could stretch her legs and check out the sales.

I only wish I had known her a little better before I agreed to allow her to come home with me. Alex really has some interesting taste. Kiss, come on.... that is so 70's. (eye roll here)

Then of course there was a potty break.....

.... and then the claw game. She spent 2.25 trying to win one of those ugly little toys. You would think being Alex Anderson someone could and would make her a decent stuffy. If any of you have any attractive stuffy's or know someone who makes them....can you see to it that she gets one? That would be so nice.

We made it back to the car with our little prizes. A little candy and a few other treats from Houston for my co-workers. Since I bought some Lego's for my co-workers Alex decided to have some shipped to her staff as well. (Geez...I hope I have not given away any secrets.)

Of course the cab needed gas and then my Mom needed gas in her car too! When we stopped Alex noticed the lottery jackpot was up to 170,000,000. She told me that would be enough for both she and Kaye to retire and she wanted to buy a few tickets. I lent her 3.00 so she could dream for just a little longer.

Once we arrived in Perrysburg, Alex was exhausted. So I tucked her into bed....she is resting peacefully now.
This has been a very long day for us. So please don't tell everyone in Houston where Alex is staying. She just wants to be anonymous for a few more days....I'm sure you understand.
(disclaimer: the truth may be stretched just a wee bit.....and I did not steal the 4 in 1 tool.....nor did I hide in my was in my checked luggage!!!


  1. Is Alex going to end up in PA?
    Can't wait to try this new tool.

  2. That's gotta be be the best Market story of the year! thanks!

  3. I would be tired too after all of that!! I am sure you are glad to be home.

  4. Kelly, I love reading your blog every day, and you outdid yourself today! That was funny and clever.

    Corinne in CA
    LadyJudith at aol dot com

  5. Ah, Kelly, Kelly, are too much! I don't know which amazes me more.....that you actually asked all those people to pose with the package, or the fact that the pilot in the cockpit really did!!!

  6. what a fun adventure!!! I really enjoyed reading all about it - you are so creative ;) I hope that Alex gets to read all about it when she gets home ;)

    Sounds like you had tons of fun in Houston ;) Lucky you to win a free book too!!

    Love from Texas! ~bonnie

  7. you are a scream Kelly... I leave blogland alone for a couple of weeks, check out some blogs again and get this hairraising adventure! Wow, Alex is one sassy lady asking all these people to pose with her! That must have been such fun! Wow what a post....

  8. It was nice to meet you at market. This post is crackin me up! Love it. I need to go hit the subscribe to this feed button!

  9. no wonder I am so tired - but we did have a blast together!


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