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Thursday, October 8, 2009

International Quilt Market Houston 2009

Houston We Have Lift Off

I had not even boarded the plane when I met Beth Ferrier, Applewood Farm Publications. Beth is from Saginaw, MI and she has a new book coming out. She is traveling to Houston to talk about "More Hand Applique by Machine".

These are her samples and they are beautiful. This picture does her work no justice. I should have taken a close up of her work. When I see her again I'll take a close up to share with everyone. How fun and exciting is that....traveling to Houston to share a new book!!!

Beth even let me take a pix of her book....ohhhhhh I touched it!!! During our conversation I asked Beth what invisible thread she prefers. She said, "My preference is Superior or Sulky because they are the only ones that are polyester. They don't yellow or melt." I learned something new....I'm always learning something new :)
Hello Houston!!! It was 90 degrees with high humidity when I arrived. I had a coat on at it is Summer time again!!!

Here is a sneak peak....they are setting up for Market....I can't go in of badge is not blue :( Those of us with green badges can enter on Saturday. But those of us with green badges are not setting up and working our butts off to show our work either....:)

These are just photos of the set up process. I have no idea who has what booth....just a general fun shot for those at home to enjoy.
I just met up with Lacey Hill (author of Sizzling Circles) and she is doing well. Lacey has been working her booty off and I can't even tell you on what....gotta keep some secrets you know. Lacey is a wonderful woman....full of life and gives great hugs.
Ok...I'm off to bed....I'll post again as soon as I can. Thanks for all the comments. I'm reading the but can't reply due to time constraints.
Big Ole Texas Smiles,


  1. wwooo hooo photos of set up! Talk about providing your readers with the scoop ;) that is so neat that you ran into a couple people you already know! ;)

    oh yes, it's been very hot here in Texas this week... sorry I didn't mention that in an earlier reply to your posts... Our AC upstairs is broken and it's like we are camping so to speak with it being 88* up there where we sleep at night. :/ It's suppose to be cooling off some this weekend. I hope so! b/c in the day it is "Hotter than the 4th of July"

    Love from Orange, TX! ~bonnie

  2. I am envious! You are having too much fun already...keep picking up all the tips, like the thread. I will have to check and see what kind I have.

  3. Kelly, thanks for your post & photos. I know you must be very exhausted. But I do appreciate you being such a great reporter and sharing insights.

    Rest..and keep us posted on the fun of quilt Market.

    I hope you'll meet Danielle from Cozy Quilt and tell her hello from SewCalGal! She is a very delightful lady and very creative!


  4. How fun...I wish I was there with you!!!

  5. You're going to have sooo much fun! I can't wait to hear how it went! YAY!

  6. I'm coming to Houston friday -- can't wait!
    Beth in Dallas
    ( not traveling as far as you have! )


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