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Sunday, October 18, 2009

International Fall Quilt Market Houston 2009

Back to posting about Market. I had several peak experiences while in Houston. I saw many people that I had met previously and was greeted with great warmth and even hugs. These are some of the new people I met and really no particular order:

Who could resist this? Not me....I had to step in and check out the fun.

I know if I were 7 I would have to wear these clothes. There is a old pix of me someplace and I was wearing this really great jacket and my smile touched both sides of the photo frame. That is how I would feel if I were wearing these clothes....but not at 45. Well...probably not at 45...never say never right?

Sandi Henderson

Sandi is a pattern (Portabellopixie) and textile designer for Michael Miller.

This is Sandi's award for having the best "Merchandising" in her booth. What an honor for her. It was toward the end of Market and I was walking up and down the endless isles trying to see anything and everything I had not previously seen. I saw this beautiful young woman standing in a really neat booth with an award for Merchandising. I asked about her award and congratulated her. She said thanks and that her Mom thought it was great too. I had no idea it was Sandi Henderson. We chatted for a bit. She was sincere, real and had a quiet clear creative energy about her. I can see why she is successful. Lovely fabrics, lovely patterns and even more importantly....lovely creative spirit.
Sandi has a new book coming out soon, "Sewing Bits & Pieces 35 Projects Using Fabric Scraps." It is due out in early 2010.
That's all for tonight....more soon.


  1. Thanks for continuing your market expo...I really enjoy reading about it.

  2. I love seeing the photos from Market. I get to put faces with the names, see lots of pretties, and get tons of inspirations and combination ideas....

    I'm with you I would have loved those outfits at 7 years old. Unfortunately I can't pull some of them now... maybe a skirt, but not a top...


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