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Monday, October 12, 2009

Alex Anderson's 4-in-1 Essential Sewing Tool is Here in Houston

It is here....I saw it....I touched it....I used it.....and I still I want it!!!! What is it?

Alex Anderson's Essential Sewing Tool....the 4 in 1 tool. I even have proof....wanna see?
Ok, here it is....drum roll please.....

It is made of Maple and features the Bernina seam ripper.
My favorite hands touching it....oh yea baby....that is me....sitting smack dab in Houston playing with Alex's tool. I feel so darn lucky. I'd feel even luckier if IHAN had them in stock to ship out!!!! We gotta speed up this process....I have orders for these little fellas.

I did think of grabbing every one of these I saw and running for the door. My fear was the guy with a gun would shoot me. Or worse yet....I'd set off the alarms at the would I explain smuggling sharp objects onto a plane in my undergarments??? Sorry'll just have to be happy with your back orders for now....I'm not digging any bullets out of my rear or being hauled off to airport security....NOPE. You'll have to find another nut case for that job!!!

If I muster the courage....I'll think of another plan tomorrow...we'll see what happens....stay tuned.

Chicken Smiles, Kelly


  1. No fun picking bullets out of your bum....
    no fun at all!!

  2. LOL... you're cracking me up!

  3. Kelly, I WANT ONE!! Let me know when they arrive at your port for shipping!

  4. I know I need one of those. And I want to see all bajillion pictures you took.


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