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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Where have I been??? MIA

Normally I post every day....and sometimes a few times a day.....but what happened to me?

I'll show you where I've been....join me on a little adventure. Rick and I are now the parents of a Tiger Scout. So....we go to these den meetings and go on adventures. This is our first Boy Scout experience. It comes with buying shirts, neck-ker-chiefs (sp?), wooden cars and wooden boats.....oh yea....lets not forget that expensive pop corn we have to sell (LOL).

Camp Miakonda here we come for a day of adventure and an over night stay. But first.....oh yea....Rick tells me I have sewn Aaron's den numbers on wrong. This will only be the third time I've done this....because the first two times I actually sewed one or more of the patches to the sleeve...closing the sleeve...oh yea that's me....I did it :)

The numbers are supposed to be beneath the Ohio patch.

I did this under duress....this was after all my second attempt and Aaron needed his shirt in 10 minutes when I hurried to get these put on his shirt.

So I sit down at the kitchen table....this time with a whole 30 minutes before we are leaving for camp. My job is to rip the stitches and get them back on....numbers on top this time. Who insists they have to help? Zach (5 yrs old) and he absolutely insists that he needs to do this. is Zach doing his part.
Off we go to camp....shirt looking good.
Rick and Aaron shooting a BB Gun for the first time together.

Rick and Zach shooting this time.

This morning....after sleeping in the cold and rain all night....this is Mommy....trying her best to rest. Honestly I don't think I got more than an hour or two of sleep. Between the rain and cold....I kept covering up the kids to be sure they were warm. There was a guy in the next tent who must have had an excellent air mattres and a very warm sleeping bag.....he snored all night long. I should have thrown a tennis shoe at his tent and said...quiet down over there....but I was polite...this time!!! :)

We had a ball and this is a beautiful photo of the leaves turning. I was very impressed with this gathering and camp. Every event was very well organized and supervised. This is going to be fun :)


  1. I never did the cub scouts but I did the Brownies and Girl Scouts thing. After all, I had 3 girls. I was a scout myself many years ago. I was a leader of a Brownie troop for several years. Fun, fun, fun! Enjoy all of these experiences. They are over way too soon.

  2. Isn't camping an adventure???? Next time you go..two things to remember for good night's sleep...take off the socks you wore all day and put on dry socks and wear a hat-it keeps your body warm. Oh and also wear boots in the morning as the dew is usually heavy. I've done oodles of Girl Scout camping and have tons of experiences to tell of. I loved every minute! Hope you did too..excluding the snoring in the the next tent. I had one with sleep apnea next to me one time. Scarey! How did the boys like it? I bet they had a wonderful time.

  3. I was a Girl Scout leader for 8 years when my daughters were growing up. We went camping at least 4 times a year. We had a lot of fun. You have lots of good times to look forward to.

  4. Brings back memories except the tennis ball our have to go in my husbands mouth, he would have been the one snorring too loudly.
    You are so fast!!! Got a notice that your box has already been awesome are you?

    Thanks so much!!

  5. Oh I loved scouting days!~ the ticks I attracted weren't so fun though. :/ Glad to see y'all had fun! ~we took ear plugs to block out the snorers. LOL


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