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Thursday, October 8, 2009

It's That Time Again...To Market To Market

Giggedy Gig

I'm off to Houston and here are my "spanky name badges." I need two of course....because I don't want one to clash with my clothes....oh the stress of it all!!!

I've been spoiled by MJ in the past. This time...I had to make my own name badge. No matching camera strap, Kleenex holder or backpack. Boooo Hoooo, how will I survive? This picture is of the back where I put pockets to hold my business cards, cash and credit card.

I'm very excited and I'm looking forward to seeing what is new and seeing some friends.

I learned that the Hilton has free WiFi in the lobby area!!!! So I'm taking my laptop so I can do what? Blog of course. It isn't near as much fun without all of you. I even brought a 8MB disk for my camera....think I'll run out of space? The cord to transfer pix from the camera to the laptop is also packed. I'm just hoping I can do all this techno stuff without Rick.

If there is someone or something you really must see....better leave a comment so I know who and where to take pix :)

Smiles, Kelly
Almost forgot....I made new bag tags too!!!
I'll know which bag is mine, no doubt about it :)


  1. You are with it gal! I can send the quilt police for you if you get lost. Again, have lots of fun.

  2. One must always be coordinated! Have a great time and make sure you wear comfortable shoes! Also bring a big bag to put your stuff in that you can put over your head and sling across your body so you can have hands free shopping!!

  3. Everything is so stinking cute! Have fun! Can't wait to see your pictures!

  4. The fabric you used for your bag tags is gorgeous!

  5. You definitely sound ready. Glad to know you'll have your laptop and WIFI access. Please keep us posted on Quilt Market. Can't wait to hear.

    By chance, did you write tutorials for your luggage tags and tote for your business cards? You've inspired me to make some!

    Have fun at Quilt Market!


  6. Great name tags and bag tags. When I was doing a lot of traveling for business, I laminated my business cards and would use them as luggage tags. When the company paid for my husband to come for a visit, he used my laminated busness cards for his luggage tags too. LOL Have fun at market.

  7. Very nice bag tags and badges! Handmade and Cute. =)

  8. Have a wonderful time in TX!

  9. beautiful Market name badges and you are SEW SMART to include pockets for business cards and cash on the back side!!!

    You should make extras and sell them! ;)

    Have lots of fun and I can't wait to see what photos you take and share with all of us nonmarket attendees.

    Love from Texas! ~bonnie


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