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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Fall Quilt Market Houston 2009 & Dale Chihuly Light at Hilton, Houston

Dale Chihuly's Work....unmistakable

They look like the same picture....but they aren' just have to sit back and take it in.
This is the light on the ceiling at the Hilton in Houston. I got the privilege of enjoying this site for 5 days.

I love Dale Chihuly's work. I have since the first time I saw it. Dale was at a glass gallery in Pontiac, MI years ago and I got invited to go and meet him. He was very interesting and I had a great time looking at his work. I could not imagine it was traveling show. His pieces sell for well over 50,000 so how does one pack and carry those around? Being the simpleton that I am, I asked him if he was afraid one would get broke. His response, "I'd just make another one." So there you have it....make another one.
If you go to the Bellagio in Las Vegas there is an entire ceiling of his glass work there. I laid on the floor and just stared at the ceiling for quite some time. The security guard asked me if I was ok....I said.....I'm more than fine. He walked away and left me alone. I seems odd to lay on the floor and stare at the ceiling in public. But I did not want to miss the feeling and image I have stored in my heart and mind for the rest of my life. It was magic and I can risk embarrassment for a lifetime of magic.


  1. Hi Kelly~ ~Somewhere I saw your post about Dale Chihuly and had to come over and see. I love his work. .so bright and imaginative. The Atlantis Hotel Casino in Bermuda is full of his works. My friends thought I was nuts cause I was walking around looking at the ceiling. They just didn't get it. Oh well.
    Thanks for sharing and it's nice to meet you.
    ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

  2. We saw some beautiful Chihuly displays in Columbus last year at the Franklin Park Conservatory. Then we happened to see a PBS special that showed how he made all that beautiful glass. It was all so cool! :0)

  3. Beautiful. I love your insights. I've seen his work, but didn't know much about him until now. Thanks for sharing. I would have enjoyed laying on the floor and admiring too!


  4. we stayed at the Hilton,, didn't see these! gee ,I missed a beautiful sight!
    Beth in Dallas

  5. I love his work! We (DH and I) went to his exhibit when it came here for the 2002 Winter Olympics. We still have one of his sculptures in Abravanel Hall (where the Utah Symphony is housed)

  6. The Chihuly glass exhibit was here at the Botanical Gardens last year and they purchased a few pieces to keep on display. My sister came to visit and we spent quite a lot of time viewing all his gorgeous pieces.

  7. Kelly, did you know that the Toledo Museum of Art has a Chihuly exhibit at the Glass Pavilion through November? I haven't been yet, but certainly intend to check it out!


  8. Mayo Clinic in Rochester has several Chihuly pieces, as well as many other neat piece of artwork.

  9. This is not a Chihuly. It's a Venetian Glass Chandelier. Chihuly Chandeliers are rarely lit from the interior. When they are it is with neon - this looks like something else. Anyway, I found your post when I was looking for something else and thought I would reply. Dale studied glass blowing in Venice so he was inspired by traditional chandeliers he reinterpreted them in his own way.
    Megan Smith
    Chihuly Studio


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