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Friday, October 16, 2009

Pictures from the International Fall Quilt Market 2009

Schoolhouse at Market is a series of classes that run every 15 minutes to 30 minutes. The schedule comes out 2 hours before it begins. I quickly circled the ones that interested me the most.

Westminster Fibers had a class entitled, "Quilt Romance." Kaffe Fassett, Liza Prior Lucy (I did not forget to link to Liza's site...I could not find it and I've got to run...sorry) and Brandon Mably spoke.

Upon entering the room you typically have to put your business card into a basket. At the end they may pull business cards and give away something.

Liza, Kaffe and Brandon shared about their new fabric lines. They allowed us to gaze upon such beauty using their fabrics.....I thought it was so generous to allow us to see these and some folks actually touched them. I looked like I had recently been to the dentist and the anesthetic had not quite worn off. I was drooling all over the embarrassing :)

I want to roll around in a bed with this as the quilt...don't you?

Kaffe and Brandon were poking fun and I think they were actually making up names for their fabrics as they went was very entertaining. Something I might do....just call it the first thing that came to my mind.

Singing in the rain....I'd be dancing in the rain if I had an umbrella like that. I think I might just wish it rained more often.

At the end of the Schoolhouse series they announced they were going to give away Kaffe's new book.

I was so intent on having one of those autographed books that the vibes made my business card float.....and I won the book. You can see by the joy radiating out of me in this picture how happy I was. I could have jumped up and down,
cried and kissed the man.....but I found that last ounce of composure and just smiled. (I have it under lock and key so don't even think you'll be breaking into my house to get ain't happenin....nope...stop dreaming)

These are some photos of their booth on the Market Floor. Brandon Mably and Philip Jacobs had some really great fabrics...more drool.

Brandon's dog cover. He actually put this on his head at Schoolhouse. Exactly what I would do with just gotta have fun right? Knowing me I would have found the most serious looking person in the crowd and put it on them...I'm so bad.
At the same time, I'm sooooo GOOD. I stood in some pretty long lines to get some books autographed. You ask, "Why on earth would you do that Kelly....after all your feet were so tired?" Because I was thinking of you. I don't really think when the Publishers give books to the authors to sign as gifts for shop owners that the books are really for us. I think they are for the shop to inspire others and let them have something fun to look at. Since my shop is virtual....I've gotta give mine away (NOT THE ONE I WON!!!). So while I'm at retreat this weekend I'll be posting photos of a few books that you will have the opportunity to win....and they will be autographed too!!!
Big Ole Happy Smiles,


  1. Thank you for sharing! I love the star quilt!
    Congratulations on winning the book! Woohoo!!!!
    Have lots of fun at retreat.
    ohhhh books!! I love books!! I can't wait to them all!

  2. behind on blogging, CONGRATS on winning!!!!!!!!!!
    THAT is so very cool!! Just to have a pic with Kaffe, I love his fabrics. Some times you are too descriptive in your writings, I actually could see you rollling around on the quilt-ahem, too much info girl!! lol!! teasing ya! have a great day, pics are way cool, thanks for sharing!!

  3. Congrats on the book. I love Kaffee and his knitting is just as stunning as his quilts. I haven't seen the new book yet. I'm a knitter not much of a quilter. Sounds like you are having a great time.


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