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Friday, October 30, 2009

Scissor Man in Houston at the International Quilt Market 2009

Quilt Market would not be Quilt Market without "The Scissor Man" I will never forget the first time I met Brint. I told him I wanted that apron and he had better sleep with one eye open. He laughed. Poor Brint....he had no idea!!! LOL
I am a Scissor Lover so this is Scissor PORN to me. I told Brint and his wife, Michaelann, that I didn't realize Pornography was allowed at Quilt Market. Michaelann got a good laugh out of my comment.

This is me being friendly. Honestly in the back of my mind I was plotting to overtake the booth and run with all the sharp instruments. (You know when you see sex offenders arrested on TV and they go into their homes and haul off all their personal videos? We all are disgusted. Well.....that would be me but they would be hauling off scissors!!!)

I had enough of Mrs. Nice and I went for the apron. Brint leaned back and got serious....but he did not realize I weigh more than he does!!! I should have Chinese Leg Wrestled him for that apron. I've never lost a match in my life (something you never knew about me ay?).

All right already....YES that was staged. Brint and I had a hard time not laughing while the photo was taken. I have no idea how movie stars keep a straight face. I'd be thrown off the set for laughing I just know it.
I had no idea that Famore Cutlery provides scissors for Checker Distributors, Marie Osmond, Brother, and Simplicity (I don't know about any other folks they make scissors for...there may be more). So when I fell in love with the 4" Jackpot scissors from Simplicity....those are Famore stamped with Simplicity's name. They also sell under their own name, Famore.
Brint and Michaelann acquired Specialty Product Sales about 11 years ago and created Famore Cutlery. Quality, service and pricing is what makes their products great. Brint recommends cleaning your scissors with a dry soft cotton cloth (anybody have any of that stuff laying around?). Use your sewing machine oil to oil your scissors. Oil the joint and put some on the blade and then open and close them several times. Clean off the oil from both blades. Brint also suggests having your scissors professionally adjusted and honed twice a year or as needed. (Last paragraph summarized from eInsider published September/October 2009)
So there you have it....I've turned myself in on my fetish with scissors. I now have them for tweezers too. Check out the scissors and tweezers at IHAN.
Lusty Smiles,


  1. scissors are porn.... Haha! You crack me up., That's what I call my magazines -- sewing porn!

  2. Very interesting. I had never heard of Scissor Man before, but I too love scissors & tweezers. Now I'm even more excited about the tweezers I ordered from IHAN.


    PS - Watch out. The Porn police are going to be monitoring your website closely now. And I hope Scissor Man told you to be careful with scissors around your hair (worth going to a stylist)....I've been known to start whacking my hair late at night when quilting & holding scissors, while contemplating a problem.

  3. Loved your scissor porn, does that me I am a pervert too?

  4. Love the scissor porn. I have never heard of the Scissor man before.

  5. LOL what a cute post! You look like you really mean business there. :-)) Thanks for the giggles!

  6. Thanks for the info about oiling scissors. I never have but anything to prolong the life is great. Thanks

  7. Your story is priceless and I cracked up when I realized that I experience similar feelings about my own scissors!

  8. OK I am pressing charges NOW I can't sleep at night, I toss I turn, to be violated this way well to be honest was AWESOME! Kelly I love you and only you could write such a story!

    Scissors Man!


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