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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Hot Scott Patterns by Lucy Morey were at Fall International Quilt Market Houston

You know I was in love with these patterns....because they are for BOYS!!! can even buy the First Choice Boxer Pattern for Kids and then make that wonderful little boy some great clothes using Hot Scott Patterns.
Meet Lucy Morey Owner/Designer of Hot Scott Patterns. That is actually a picture of her cool is that? I love it when people use "regular" people instead of models for use in advertising. It adds some authenticity for me. But you know me!!!
I can see Aaron wearing this great outfit in a heartbeat.

This one is Zach's speed. Actually they both would fight to wear the "Tony Hawk" clothing. Anything with a skateboard on it is "Tony Hawk" as far as they are matter what!!
I think this one is just so cool.....especially on gym day.

Both of my boys qualify for this one :)

I had to take a close up of these cords. I just love the little stars at the bottom. These pants are all jazzed up now....and that kid is ready to go!!!
I was able to talk with Lucy for just a short time. I could tell she works very hard at her craft and it really shows. These styles are hip without being cutesy if you know what I mean.
You will be able to find Hot Scott Patterns at I Have A Notion very shortly.


  1. Oh my gosh, I know a little girl that the rebel shirt would be perfect for! Too cute!

  2. wow...what a wonderful booth...and yes...for boys!!!

  3. Way cute patterns! Looking forward to seeing them at your site.


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