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Friday, March 5, 2010

"Do The Crazy Dance Mamma"

Those are the words I last hear as my boys get on the school bus in the morning.  "Do The Crazy Dance Mamma" started when my first co-worker was in Kindergarten.  I would stand in the driveway and wave goodbye as my "baby" got on the big bus and he loved it when I would do a silly wave or shake my legs around.  He started calling it the "Crazy Dance." Mind you, I have bed head and I'm typically still wearing my jammies.  I figure if it bothers the neighbors they can always move :)

The last few weeks have been filled with "Peak Experiences" with my co-workers. So many activities and good times have been shared. If you've been wondering why I have not posted as regularly, that is why. I want to soak up every minute of this joy.

Aaron having a pizza lunch with "The Principal" at school.

Zach having a pizza lunch with his teacher at school

This was one of the Silent Auction items at their school last Friday night.  Wonder who's idea it was to have a silent auction for "Lunch With Teachers"?  Hmmmm.....the kids absolutely loved it and the folks at the school thought it was great too.  The pizzas were donated by "Marcos Pizza."  It was a great fundraiser and definitely a Win/Win/Win activity.

Zach stayed home one Monday due to his cough.  IHAN closed its doors and spent the day tending to co-workers.  He had to wait outside (climbing up and down in the trees) for Aaron to get off the bus after school.  It is so funny to watch them argue and fight.......then wait with such anticipation and joy for the other to return.
Aaron saw me taking pix of Zach in the tree as he got off the you know my monkey had to climb into the tree for his photo opp!!
Bowling last Sunday.....Zach strikes a pose.  My heart just sings with complete and total joy when I see them playing like this.  (What do you say.....should this be "the" photo at his wedding?  I am thinking it might just be the one!!!  LOL)
Aaron is so proud he can hold the bowling ball.  It is hysterical to watch him run up to the line and sort of roll/throw the ball down the alley.  Thankfully it is bumper bowling!!!


It is such a joy and pleasure to be able to work from home so I can soak up every second of this time.  Of course there are those days when I wish I worked on another planet just to get a break....but not recently :)

Joyful Smiles,


  1. Oh yes...soak in and enjoy every second as it seems to go so fast when you look back.
    They are adorable!

  2. Yup... what Lola said... They are just adorable... They have the best smiles! You can't help but look at those photos and smile.

    You are one lucky woman!

  3. Your boys have the cutest smiles! I know you enjoy them, but like Lola said, because it will go by so quickly.

  4. Nice to have those times with your "co-workers". Did I miss the item you said was in the silent auction? I can't seem to find it in the post....but I have been dense before so maybe I am just being dense here again. LOL

  5. You are truly lucky to work from home...and such cute co-workers11

  6. Loved seeing the pictures of the boys, they are growing up too fast. Glad you had some fun time with them.

  7. Heartwarming post. I love your silent auction idea of having lunch with school staff. And how lucky your IHAN employees were able to benefit. Like having lunch with the President!


  8. Love the post!! Cute kids!! Lunch with teacher/principal is always a big sale! We did be principal for the day and the parents went crazy!! The kid got to read announcements, ring bells, greet buses, eat in the teachers lounge, and sit at the principals desk. THAT was a huge money maker....

    The boys are sooooooooooooo cute!!! But you knew that already!


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