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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Golden Quilter Awards 2010 for National Quilting Month

Golden Butterfly Award

This award was generously given to me by Lacey Hill, Golden Thyme Designs.  I graciously accepted it and now I'm passing it along to three wonderful bloggers who definitely deserve this recognition as well.
Hills Creek Quilter - Anya from PA. 
Anya's was the first blog that I followed on a daily basis when I first started reading blogs.  Anya is a lovely woman who freely shares information and encouragement.  
Hanging On By Needle and Thread - Susan also from PA.
Susan's was the second blog I started following.  Susan is another lovely PA woman who shares her joy of sewing with others.  She also does a lot of charity work that she posts on her blog.
Nellie's Needles- by Nellie is from Tennessee & Michigan.  When I found Nellie's blog I fell in love with her birds.  This was before she had a link to the pattern.  I wrote to her and told her I loved her birds and without hesitation she sent me her pattern.  I was floored.  I've read her blog every since.
These are just three of the many blogs that I love to read and certainly believe they deserve recognition for all that they do for others and for their fun blogs.
If by chance, your blog is a non-award problem....just know I am sending this our of respect and joy for your work.


  1. You have the kindest heart of anyone I know!


  2. I'm honored. Thank you and I appreciate your gesture. However, mine is one of those non-award blogs.

    I enjoy keeping up with your "notions" ... both kinds. Thanks.

  3. You're so sweet, Kelly! Thanks for the award and congratulations on your (almost) one year anniversary!

  4. Thanks for the blog sites. I just downloaded the bird pattern and instructions and plan on spending some time perusing Nellie's colorful and wonderful site!!! Not today though - I still have yet to start my work!!


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