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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Simpli-EZ Bias Ruler And the Double Diamond Ruler Demo's

On March 4th Checker Distributors had a demo of some of their products in the warehouse.  Penny Harren, author of Pieced Applique`, gave a great demonstration of the Simpli-EZ Bias Ruler by Simplicity and the Double Diamond Ruler by Bright Quilting Notions.
This is the Simpli-EZ Bias ruler.  You lay the ruler on the edge of the fabric as shown.  You make your first cut to the right side of the ruler at the distance you require.  If you cut the blunt ends of the ruler (difficult to see in this photo) you will be able to match and join your bias strips.
You can cut bias strips quickly and accurately using the Smili-EZ Bias Ruler.  I love this ruler and use it every time I have to cut bias strips. 

The Double Diamond Ruler is a very interesting ruler.    Not only can it be used on fabric....but I can think of how wonderful it would be in scrapbooking and card making too!  Add some Mod Podge and the sky would be the limit!! :)

You get TWO rulers!!!  The 1 1/2 and the 3 1/2 rulers come in the package!!  Can I hear a "Wooo Hooo?"


Isn't this neat?  I think it is really interesting and I can see it being used with paper as well.  It would be fun to see an embellished shirt or jacket.  I'm sure there are a million ideas....I just need time to think of them all.  LOL


To watch a video of how to use this ruler, you can click here for The Bright Quilting Notions Video

There are three patterns available that use the Double Diamond Ruler.  If you want a closer look, click here

Stay in touch....leave a comment....or three!!  You  are going to need the practice for the 15th of March!!!

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  1. It is so amazing what new products are coming out. Thanks for previewing and reviewing them.

  2. 2nd message I'm trying to practice for the 15th. Can't wait!


  3. Love the quilts made with the double diamond ruler. Very interesting!


  4. You sure know how to tempt a person!

  5. I've used these designs in my scrapbooking for years, and I NEVER even thought of design ideas for fabric projects!

  6. That bias ruler looks like the schiznit!

  7. FYI... there a number of great ideas using the double diamond rulers displayed on Bright Quilting Notion's website:

  8. I love seeing new notions! This one looks like fun.

  9. comment 3...ROFLMAO.....hugsssssss


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