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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Synchronicity With Just Another Button Company

I'm sure this has happened to you before.  You are thinking of someone and the phone rings and it is the person you were thinking about. 

That happened to Cecile (Just Another Button Company) and I just the other day.  She was in the middle of typing a message to me when I was sending her an instant message.  We may send an e-mail every 3 or 4 months....but it is not like we chat frequently.  So this was really cool. 

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Cecile was writing to tell me she had just put a package in the mail to me and I was writing her to let her know about I Have A Notion's One Year Anniversary that is coming up.  (Stay tuned for some incredible things coming mid-March:)

The above photos are of the WONDERFUL Package Cecile sent to me.  I am in love with what she calls, "Just Pins" and I call....."Pretty Darn Spanky Embellished Wonderments". 

I had just been thinking about a question someone had asked me, "what do you collect?"  I don't really "collect" anything on a year round basis....because the more you own the more it owns you and I don't want to own the dust that will fall upon more "stuff."  However I do have a fancy for pin cushions.  I don't really "collect" them per se but I have a few and I love them....alot.  So just as I was revisiting the subject the box comes in the mail with patterns for pin cushions too.  (photos gently borrowed from JABC)

All I can say now is, they are owning me!!!  What wonderful pin cushions and who would not delight in seeing something so beautiful with "Pretty Darn Spanky Embellished Wonderments" sticking in them?  How many would be too many?  I think these are like Tim recommended dosage!!

Thank you Cecile from the bottom of my heart for the cheerful package.  I know just what to do with all these lovelies....and my readers know too.

Jocelyn just wrote asking if "Wonderments" are available at  YES....Click here.....I am not monitoring are on your own here as everyone already knows I know no limits with some things :)  LOL


  1. Absolutely adorable! So is IHAN carrying these darling "Just Pins"?

  2. I never noticed these before in the store. I just placed an order and I have a just the perfect pincushion for them. That's another thing we have in common, a fondness for pincushions. Lynne


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