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Sunday, March 28, 2010

IHAN Note from Mr. McSteamy

Mr. McSteamy here….

In order to give Kelly a break, I am volunteered for the first time to write today’s blog. (We are off to see Uncle Walt next week, so Kelly needs to pack!) First of all, being male, I need to put a list together to get everyone up to date.

1. Yes, I really do love the Reliable steam iron. Best I have ever had in my hands. Lots of steam and I can get a shirt done with a third less time. The coolest thing about it, is that it has a motion sensor in it, so if you set it down for more than 3 seconds, the steam temporarily stops.

2. Yes, Kelly is as crazy-wonderful as see sounds in her blog. I am blessed to be able to share so much time with her. (I think you bloggers get more of her time than I do quite honestly.)

3. I am truly impress with how much IHAN is giving away this month. Please leave your comments if you want to get in on this. Kelly is reaching out to you, and she wants to connect with you with some meaningful dialogue.

Enjoy the holiday season, and I apologize if I steal her away next week. Please be tolerant with the 30-day giveaway, as she needs a break away with the kids and myself. I promise the giveaway will go on. Keep on blogging.

Mr. McSteamy
FYI….The prizes are literally piling up here, and I can’t wait until she gives them all away!!! Good luck.

(Note from IHAN CEO-I'll post today's giveaway in a few hours....Mr. McSteamy is making me pack and not post my giveaways....guess balance in life is a good thing:)


  1. Thanks Mr McSteamy for the update. Kelly, have a GREAT time and enjoy your break. Because you know you will be back to the grindstone when you get back. You will have a LOT of comments to count!


  2. She's been working VERY hard... Please take her somewhere nice and pamper her with Tim Tams...

  3. Kelly, you lucky lady,, your own Mr. McSteamy!
    enjoy enjoy,,,
    Beth in Dallas

  4. Mr McSteamy, you are definitely a keeper. Hope you and the entire IHAN family have fun on your family vacation. I agree...Kelly (and the entire family) needs a fun getaway vacation. I just hope you can keep Kelly from working and worrying about work (and this giveaway).

    Go enjoy!


  5. Great giveaway. Enjoy your "Spring Break" Pick Me Pick Me Pick Me

  6. You are so right, sometimes we just start to work and then do not know how to stop, enjoy your family time, tell Kelly not to worry we will still be here when you get back!~! ENJOY!!

  7. Thank you for the wondersful words. Have a nice trip Kelly with your family. See you when you get back, my dear.

  8. Thanks for the blog post Mr. McSteamy! Have a great trip! I really appreciate all the giveaways and all that Kelly does for us quilters.

  9. A getaway sounds like the perfect prize for you, lol! Enjoy the break and we'll see you when you get back.

  10. Have fun on your break. We all need one off and on. The iron sounds like a good one.

  11. What a lovely thing to welcome spring. Enjoy your time together, away from the normal daily hustle and bustle.

    chris_quiling@yahoo dot com

  12. Enjoy the break! We all need one and I can tell you been working very hard. Nice blog.

  13. I definitely would not use this for my busy floors and cats.

    A wall sounds just perfect. :-)

  14. Roc-lon sounds like it would be fun to use and can think of several things I could do with it.


  15. Thanks Mr. McSteamy!,
    I think Kelly works waaaay too hard; but she is good and I love her blog! She certainly deserves to spend time with her family and it's great that you are getting out together! Happy Easter!

  16. Hello Mr. McSteamy. Nice to meet you!
    I hope you treat your Kelly to some fun and relaxing times. She is a gem!

  17. The multi purpose cloth is another item I am completely unfamiliar with. It sounds like it has a ton of possibilities.

  18. Mod Podge reminds me of the messes I used to make as a kid. I think I could do so much bettr now.

  19. Thank you for sharing your beautiful wife and wonderful family with us! We love her and think she is a doll! Hugs and safe travels to you!

  20. I love the name McSteamy; very cute. Have a great holiday. Sam (Sandra)

  21. What a wonderful husband you have to take over you blog for you. I don't think I would be that brave, mine would write about Nascar or Woodworking..

  22. What a special guy, but I'm sure you know that already! : -)

    Enjoy your break because it will go by so fast and then it's back to the grindstone!

  23. How fun! Hope you enjoy your time away with your family and each other! LOL Mr. McSteamy - wish you would come and teach my hubby to iron! :) Whatta good guy you are to wisk her away for some time off!! :)

  24. have a fun, enjoyable vacation..

  25. What a guy!!! I'm totally impressed most by the comment about how crazy-wonderful she is. I'm sighing!!!I'm sure you have had a lovely break (I'm only getting in on this today and have already spent 2 1/2 hours reading and catching up it's so captivating)

  26. You did a great job on the post nad nice to meet you!


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