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Monday, March 8, 2010

I Declare

(your never too old to go surfing....when you're young you stand up....then as you lay on the board:)

....That today is be nice to Kelly day!!!  Have you ever just wanted and needed to have a day where you were just so nice to yourself all day long that you smiled when you went to bed?  Today is my day....I declare it to be so!!

Being this is my day.....I went back to bed after the boys went to school this morning :)

I'm having a cup of fresh coffee and I'd add chocolate to the breakfast menu if I had some here (darn....that is a crisis for sure!)

I'm going to take the time to color my hair which I've put off now for over10 days, yikes!!  (I know you are glad this is not television....cuz I'd need to have staff like Oprah to make me beautiful every morning.)

I'm going to work on my punchneedle name badge that I've been working on for way too long.  It should have been finished long ago but I have pulled out parts that I did not like the want to finish it soon!!

I'm going to get together all my thoughts about my big Anniversary Celebration coming up March 15-April 15.    An Anniversary Celebration is typically one day.....but when it includes lots of Give Aways....I thought it should last a whole month!!!  I'm sure you ALL agree!!  My house is beginning to look like The Santa's Stitchers Workshop thanks to all the incredibly generous folks in our Stitchers Circle!!! 

This will be a fun month.  I celebrate my 46th birthday, Rick and I celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary, and IHAN turns one year old (I think she needs a pretty Birthday Party dress with polka dots and ric rac.....but how do you dress a website?   Ok....there is another thought that just popped up.  I'll have to check with those folks over in the techno know how world to dress up this little girl.....ya never know what will pop into my mind/fingertips next.  I"ll be buying tuxedos for the co-workers (nope....too frugal!!)

Ahhhhh.....feel the declaration settling in with a wonderful cup o joe and now instead of working ......I'm going Blog Hopping!!!  One of my most favorite things to do because I don't like television.....Blog Hopping is like tuning into my favorite stations when ever I want to and there is always something "On" that I want to see.

Spunky Smiles,


  1. Hey Kelly, is it your birthday today?? I am with you about TV. Why watch boring TV when we have the world at our finger tips. Bloggers are ever so much more fun and creative. PLUS they bring us new friends. Enjoy your day! You deserve it my friend!

  2. Not my birthday today!!! Not until the 18th...a few more days to enjoy being 45 :)


  3. Have a wonderful day. Enjoy!


  4. You know I get up about 5 to 6 hours after you, well...I just got up, reading blogs...and what do I see on a surf board...sorry but I am still laughing.....thanks for a great morning.

  5. Happy birthday month! I'm a huge fan of celebrating all month long as well. I also celebrate my un-birthdays and my birthday time twice a day on the clock- 8:16. (which is the date- Aug 16, not the time I was born) =)

  6. Oh my sounds like a loverly day! Enjoy.

  7. I remember being 46... vaguely...LOL

  8. I'm with Barb, laughing about the surf board...and Lois on the remembering or trying to remember 45!! Happy Anniversary to you and Mr. Wonderful this month, and happy anniversary to IHAN! Chocolate for breakfast - - WONDERFUL way to start the day! Can prove to be very productive if you continue the sugar buzz!!

    Love ya!! cute post as usual!!

  9. Ah, Kelly, only you would post a pic of yourself looking like that!! You're too cute....


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