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Saturday, March 6, 2010

"IT'S A WRAP II" Now Available at I Have A Notion

Susan Breier's new book, "It's A Wrap II" is available NOW at IHAN (19.95).  If you loved, "It's A Wrap" you will be thrilled with her latest book.

Can you imagine Easter Baskets that get used every year because they were made special for your child or grandchild?  (co-workers in my case :)

What a statement this would make in a room. 

OK, everyone knows I love yes....this one really, really, really appeals to me.

Cheerful Green
How about this one at a picnic?

These bags and plates are really great too.  The instructions are clear and easy to understand (which is a lot for me to say because I have a tough time reading and understanding instructions). 

Another thing I think is really neat about Susan's designs is the clothesline she uses to wrap in fabric.  I much prefer this use of a clothes line!!

100 feet of Clothesline is only 3.75!!  And you can use your scraps, salvages, and even use the Simplicity Rotary Cutting Machine to cut strips for you.  With all the energy you'll save you will have some left over to jog to the store and get a few packages of Tim Tams!!!  Now you're talking :)

Naughty Smiles,


  1. Now that is some amazing items.....

  2. Glad to know this is available at IHAN. Great review too!


  3. Fantastic fun! I've made bowls myself in the past but not this way; would love to do this. Thanks.


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