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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Arrived Safely in Minnesota

We have arrived safely here in Minneapolis.  The drive was uneventful and our beds were comfy.  Good news is today is Schoolhouse series....I can't wait.  Bad news, so far I have not located the cable to link my camera to my computer.  Worst thing that could happen blogger wise....I won't have pix until I get home.  We'll see if I just misplaced it :)

More soon!!



  1. Glad you have arrived and hope you find your cable, can't wait to see market picts.


  2. Does your camera have an SD card in it that comes out so you can insert it into your computer? If so, you can put that card in the slot of your laptop, copy and past the pics to a folder on your computer--no cable necessary.

  3. Aaah...resourceful Kelly. I'm sure you'll meet someone that has the same camera and will loan you their cable in exchange for a smile. If not, I may have to jump on a plane to come camp out in your room and go to the show with you!


  4. if you can't find your cable, there must be someone there who has a cable you can borrow. I would bet the cables are the same if they have the same brand camera even if it's not identical.


  5. Hello Kelly,

    Welcome here to Quilt Market.

    'Hope to see you at the show.

  6. Hello Kelly, Welocome to the Spring 2010 Quilt Market, here in Minneapolis, Minnesota. 'Hope to see you at the Show! "MARK"

  7. I am able to take out the memory card from my camera and plug it into my computer. Do you have a place to plug it in on your computer? Then you don't need a cord.
    glad you are having fun


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