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Monday, May 3, 2010

Do You Know Any Quilters Who Live Near Downtown Minneapolis?

Time for a little savy Quilt Networking!!!  I'm looking for a quilter or family member of a quilter who lives near Downtown Minneapolis.  There will be two of us going to Minneapolis on the night of the May 12th through May 16th EDITED HERE: 19-23rd. because I would then have to stay yet another week because Market does not start until the 19th!!!  .  All we need is a clean (non-smoking) place to sleep and shower.  I figure there is no need to pay a zillion dollars for a hotel when we are part of the most wonderful community I know of....the community of Quilters.  I've always said I wish when folks traveled they would come and sleep here for free rather than pay a zillion dollars to sleep in a hotel.  Perhaps there are others who think like me?  Ya don't know until you ask right?

I figured a Quilter might like an AccuQuilt GO as a Thank You gift.....or perhaps something else?  Hmmm....guess I'll ask the person.

We are driving so we can drive downtown but we don't way to stay too far away because we'll be very tired.  Neither of us smoke and we've never been convicted of any crimes....yet (I'm still planning that Aurifil heist!!!).

You know where to reach me.....just drop a line.  If anyone of you are passing through Perrysburg....south of're welcome to give a ring and we'll make room for you.....or like Tom Bodett says, "We'll leave the lights on for ya!!!"



  1. well shoot... email me if you are ever coming near St Louis!!

  2. Wish I did, you would be more than welcome. (Especially if you brought that GO!) hehehee

  3. No, but if you are traveling through Hawaii to Amerika know where to fine me...

  4. WOW, Such a generous Thank You, but alas I am Florida so nowhere near where you want to be.

  5. I hope you find someone in the area. If I think of someone, I will send them your way.


  6. dang, if you come through NC, stop on in......I'll leave the light on for ya....

  7. What a great opportunity. I'd love to have you stay with me. And you wouldn't need to give me an AccuQuilt GO! (or anything) to stay. But unfortunately I don't live anywhere close to where you want to stay. But I hope you find a friendly quilter who will take you into their home...I know they'd really find that you'd be a delightful guest (GO! or no GO!).


  8. Darn, but no. Now, if you are ever in Utah....we have a nice guest room with a quilt on the bed.

  9. dang it. Wish I lived in MN. If you come to Virginia give me a holler!

  10. Why cant you come to Australia could stay as long as you like with me....hugs Khris

  11. Darn, I was sure you had heard from someone by now. Just checking - hope you found a fellow quilter!


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