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Thursday, May 27, 2010

IHAN Returns from Spring Quilt Market 2010 in Minneapolis

OK, first things first.  This is the unedited version of my desk.  You will notice the empty coffee cup and the chocolate (given to me by Patsy Thompson- for my boys- look who is eating it!!!)  I call this my Rocket Fuel to get the IHAN up and going!!! (sort of like a MO JO.....but much more umph is necessary)

This is exactly what is sitting next to my desk right now.  My basket of brochures and information so I can write about my Market experience intelligently ( intelligently as I am able :) and the new Licensed GO! Fabric Cutter Dies I had ordered before I left town, now opened and ready to play....just as soon as I can :)

These are the packages of goodies that I have not had time to go through.  I bought very little for myself.  However, there are lots of wonderful things that are for IHAN blog readers....looking forward to tons of Giveaways here at IHAN !!!  Can I get a Woo Hooo out there in the crowd?  Oh Yeah Baby!!!

The IHAN coffee table overfloweth it's capacity.....all to be given away right here on the IHAN blog :)

It overfloweth to the IHAN red sofa, in the family room too.

So, that is the skinny, now I'm back to work getting the posts ready to show each booth or product etc.  If anyone lives close and would like to hop on over and help out ..... feel don't even have to knock....just come right in and bring your work boots and gloves.



  1. Looks like you got quite the stash from the show.
    I was drooling over the moda booths and Terri's new book;)


  2. Sure WISH I lived closer!! I"d be over in a heartbeat with coffee and chocolate cupcake, cookies, candy, donuts, and what-ever else I could get my hands on!! We could go for days on all of the caffine and chocolate!! lol!! Not sure we'd get much cleaning done....priorities you know!

    Good luck sorting!! What fun!

  3. Wooo Hoo! Yippee ai o! Fun giveaways to come. You picked up oodles of swag and prizes. Yumm!


  4. I would LOVE to come help you sort thru your goodies, but I live in western Iowa and don't think I'd be there soon enough!! Have fun.

  5. interesting pictures. You got a lot of loot there! Can't wait to see each one.

  6. WOO HOOO!!!!!!!!!

    Looking forward to pics from Market.

  7. Just wanted to add my Woo Hoo! Looks to me like you had a wonderful time. I can't even imagine how awesome it was! Rest up and we'll all be here when you get your groove back on!

  8. It is a shame I can't pop over and "help." I could wear my baggy pants and big underwear and really help you clean and "organize" all that stuff. I am sure I would help you find more room before I left. LOL.

    I am eagerly awaiting those giveaways! Uh, you do have my name on that Go! don't you? If you need my address just let me know. heheeeee

  9. Oh Woo Hoo and Yeah Baby!!! there is some seriously awesome goodies in that lot. What fun you had collecting those :)

  10. I had to laugh at Gene's post......not very long after he wrote that on your blog, I saw announced on AccuQuilt's Facebook page that they were giving him a GO after he showed them the limerick he wrote to try to win one here! Isn't he a lucky ducky? Don't you think he should now split his chances HERE between me and Tonya...his bestest quilting/blogging buddies?? LOL

  11. Wowie that is quite the haul! Wish I lived close by so I could come over and drool!

  12. I wanna come play at IHAN! Woo Hoo and Yeeeee Harrr and woot woot....and a big Yeah Baby thrown in for good Hugs Naomi

  13. Woo hooo that's awesome Kelly, looks like you have some great stuff there!

  14. Hi Kelly-

    Love the article about Quilt Market!!

    As a vendor at Quilt Market, I do not always find enough time to see all the wonderful booths.

    Thanks for sharing!!!

    Douglas Eagleson
    Kona Bay Fabrics


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