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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Bye Bye Miss Kelly

Meet my little friends.  These little people all jumped at the chance to take a picture with me and it made my eyes well up with tears of gratitude.  Last week was my last day helping in Zach's Kindergarten class.  They had gotten me some flowers (Zach is holding them over my head with a big  They signed a precious card and then everyone gave me hugs.  I thought my heart would burst.

I know these photo's don't exactly go with the topic.....but they do go with my week.  Check out these amazing photos of the sky.  I looked out the window and saw how quickly the clouds were moving and changing. 

Absolutely beautiful and powerful.....interesting how dark clouds can be beautiful.



  1. Beautiful clouds :) I worked as a volunteer in my daughter's kindergarten class and it was so wonderful - the kids were so, so sweet. Even though they were busy and had tons of questions - I really loved being with them. What a great age!! I'm glad you had the experience too - it is such a wonderful memory for me and I'm sure it will be for you too.

  2. Such a cute picture. I work in Ahnalin's Kindergarten class on Wednesdays too. I have a few more weeks but know that time is slipping away. In a few months, she will be a big first grader. Sob....

  3. Love the photo & insights of the little ones. Beautiful clouds too. Fun to see clouds when they look like waves.


  4. Kids can be fun to play with;)
    What a stunning shot of the clouds, looks like mountains.


  5. Those clouds are really gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!


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