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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

What Makes Today Wonderful?

Maddy and Zach were both born on this day!!!
Happy 21st Birthday Madeline and
Happy 6th Birthday Zachary

Two very wonderful, kind, loving, smart, thoughtful, tender, honest (for as much as one can be at
6 and 21, LOL) AMAZING people....yes they are and I love them dearly!!!
Zachary, my youngest co-worker, has a mind of his own and always has had.  Stubborn and determined don't even come close to describing this little fella.  How do you like his outfit?  He dressed himself this morning....from head to toe :)  Yes those are Halloween socks and nice dress pants with a tye-dye shirt!
Oh yes, and this "scary" necklace came from the gumball machine and he had to wear it too this morning.

All I can do is laugh and keep going.  He thinks he looks wonderful and is all happy this morning.  Who am I to tell him that he does not exactly match?  I say, it is your birthday....I love you....have a good day!!!  Then I get him on the bus and come into the house laughing myself silly.

This morning he wanted to know who the first person born on earth was.  He had to know if they shared the same birthday.  How funny is that?

Both co-workers love hearing stories about when they were babies.  So this morning I was telling Zachary how I sang Patty Cake Patty Cake to him.  Aaron was standing near (he is 7 1/2 now mind you) and he rolls his eyes and says, "Mom that is Soooo 1990's."  So I asked him if he meant 1900's and he said, "Nooo, Mom, 1990's....this is 2010 you know." 

So all of you reading know we are all just SOOOOO 1990's.......but little do they know.....we'd all be thrilled to be SOOOOO 1990's.....instead of 1900's.....or in my case 1964's....ROFL.

I'm sure Maddy is still sleeping this morning.  She is LEGAL my guess is she went out last night and waited until midnight and then ordered her first legal drink.  Just a guess.....not saying that is what she did.....but I'd put.....oh say.....a hundred bucks on that bet :)

Maddy just finished her third year of Nursing School and she is looking forward to some R & R this summer.  She is in FL for the summer with her new baby, Beowulf, a lab puppy.

And when it's chocolate!!



  1. Happy Birthday to both of them. Just this last week, a grand son, Aksel, was born on the same day and minute (two years later) as his girl cousin, Leila.
    Now we have 5 grand children born on the 5th of the months January, March, May, May and June. And he makes number 15 for me, and on Mother's day, another of my children called and announced she is expecting in November!!! All because two people fell in love 35 years ago. . .

  2. Zach did as good a job dressing himself as some full-grown boys do! He'll be just fine! Happy Birthday to him and Maddy! Are they sharing a cake?

  3. I think Zach is experimenting with color. Maybe he is thinking of taking over your business some day and is working on his own color style!!

  4. I think Zach looks great! With that smile he can manage anything. Happy birthdays to both of your lovely offspring.

  5. Happy birthday and bring out the cake! woo hoo! Let's celebrate!

  6. happy birthday to bouth
    they sound and look sweet!

  7. you're right is good...celebrate it

  8. Sounds like lots of birthday greetings around your house today. Hope it is a fun day for all.

  9. What a fun post....happy birthday to them!!!

  10. Happy Birthday to Zach and Maddy. 6 & 21 were both such great birthdays for me, that I do hope they too have a wonderful birthday!


  11. How wonderful, family stuff and birthdays and happy people. Have a great day Kelly!.

  12. Love the duds, lol.
    I know what my kids did on their 21st, think it is universal;)


  13. Love the quote "Eat Chocolate"

    Im having a giveaway on my blog:


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