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Friday, May 28, 2010

Bloggers Spring Quilt Festival - IHAN Entry :)

I like the zip the little piping gives the edge of my quilt.  I used the Piping Hot Binding Tool and found it to be handy to get my piping all the same size to sew it onto the edge before I did the binding. (see I've been using great tools before I started IHAN :)

My quilt was machine quilted by Janet Bellinger of Wellsboro, PA.

My quilt label reads:
“Around and Around”

In the year 2005, I took a circle quilt class from Janet Bellinger of Wellsboro , PA at Needles Quilt Shop. Katie Mader & Mary Guinn, the shop owners, inspired me to make a quilt for myself and assisted with the selection of fabrics.

Janet did the long arm quilting and my friend Mary Jane Ehlich helped me put the piping and binding on.

Completed July 2007 by:

Kelly March Jackson

This quilt is in our living room and it is used often.  I love looking at it and enjoy the warmth it provides our family.  I never thought I could sew curves but Janet showed me how to do it and honestly it was not hard at all.  Janet helped me build confidence and I was lucky enough to be surrounded by excellent quilters.
I made this quilt during a very challenging time for my family.  We had lived in South Carolina and the company Mr. McSteamy worked for had closed after 9/11.  It was late fall and Zachary was just 5 months old.  Our house sold much faster than we had expected so we went to live with my in-laws in PA.  We thought we would be there for 6 weeks.  It was 11 months later when Rick found another comparable position.  By then Rick had been off of work for 14 months and we had two toddlers. 
I learned many lessons during those 14 months.  I was grateful that the boys had Rick so available to them in their early months and first year or so.  I made many dear friends and was grateful for family that helped us through those tough times. 
So that is my quilt I'm official....a real Blogging Quilt Festival Person....oh yeah!!


  1. I'm not sure I could sew circles. Love that quilt.

  2. you are official...just like the rest of us in the Festival....hehehe!!! Nice story attached to your quilt and the quilt really turned out nice, too.

  3. Kelly, what a beautiful quilt. I love the fabrics, color and design. Piping is also very cool (I've got to try this technique soon).

    Your story is also a story from the heart, and one that would be good for all young couples to hear. Challenging times, but you and Mr. McSteamy made it thru it. Not what we want to go thru, or want for anyone else, but you made it. A true test of love and endurance. Thanks for sharing!


  4. Kelly, this quilt is beautiful! You did a great job :-)

  5. Nice quilt. Circles are on my list of (scary) things to try!

  6. Such a beautiful quilt and a wonderful quilt story Kelly! Thank you for sharing.

  7. Very pretty, great colors! I love the piping detail.

  8. this is so pretty...i love the circles.

  9. What a lovely quilt! Thanks for sharing its story.

  10. Love quilts with circles and this is another lovely one! Thank you for sharing your story.

  11. Hi Kelly,

    That is one awesome quilt and it doesn't look like you had any problems sewing curves ... great quilt!!!!

    and a heart-warming story!

    hugz, Pam

  12. Kelly, your quilt is gorgeous! I love the colors and the design. The piping is a really nice extra touch. Thanks for a lovely stop on my Blogger's Quilt Festival tour!

  13. wonderful quilt!! i love the contrast of angles with the circles--just so fun. great colors and fabrics!! thanks for sharing a wonderful piece


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