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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Saturday Night in Minneapolis

Here is the truth.....yes I have a cord.....I can't get it out of the package because it is in one of those sealed for life packages where you need a saw to get through the plastic.  (Why don't people who make packaging talk to me before they design these things?  I'd at least make a package a person could open....without an electric tool :)

The last hour of Quilt Market today, one camera's battery died and 4GB photo memory card was full on the other....I feel like an Olympic photographer....who broke their stride on the last lap.  You know I promised photos....and you will get them.

I hear Rosemary is on Ricky Tim's blog but I've not seen you will have to check and tell me.

I'm so tired I have to go to bed.....but not before I describe what I just saw Rosemary do.  Mind you, we are both tired....... but she is not only tired but she is in a lot of pain with her knee.  We get back to the room after having dinner with the wonderful ladies (and Larry) at Quilt Woman dot com and Rosemary gets her pajamas on.  I look over and without even realizing it, she had put her name badge from  Market on the front of her PJ top.  I laughed so hard I almost fell over.  I would say that is tired when you transfer your name tag to your sleep clothes.

I guess I'll have to buy a saw to get the cord open.  It is like the Mouse that you give a cookie just goes on and on.



  1. Kelly I know exactly what you mean about the packages that are impossible to get into, I hate them with a passion!
    Glad to hear you are having fun at Market, I look forward to seeing the pictures. Hope you have a restfull night....

  2. Check with the front desk! I used to spend a lot of time in hotels, and the front desk folks were always SO helpful with pesky problems like that. I bet they'd have some heavy duty scissors or something to break that cord free!

  3. *snickers* I hope you safely tucked Rosemary into bed before she did anything else that wasn't a normal bedtime activity...LOL!

    Thanks for the laugh and I hope you get your cord out! Silly packages!

  4. Ok Kelly, I will be patient. But I am DYING to see pics!! I laughed about the name tag! You girls must have had a blast even with the ER trip and busted knee. I can't wait to see all the pictures you are gonna post and the goodies you are going to talk about.

  5. being a good Southern boy, I always have my pocket knife on me (except when flying - then it is in my checked luggage!) I can get in just about anything. But I hate that packaging too.

    I bought a cord at WalMart once and wouldn't finish checkout until they opened it for me. LOL

  6. sounds like you are having a wondeful time...can't wait to see pictures.....hit that glass on the axe in the hall and ax that puppy to death.

  7. Now that's funny. I had a similar experience after sewing for four days at a retreat. When I got home and went to type on the keyboard of my computer, I found myself searching for the foot pedal.

  8. Sounds like y'all are having a blast. And that sounds like something I would do with the name tag.

  9. Good to know all is well (other than being extremely tired) and that you have not been kidnapped.

    BTW - you are in a photo on's facebook page.

    Doesn't Mr. Scissor Man have anything to cut that package wrap with? Hymm. I guess you'll just have to keep going back to quilt market till you get this part right. LOL!


  10. It sounds like Rosemary is prepared for the worst. If you had to evacuate the hotel for any reason, SHE WOULD STILL HAVE HER NAME BADGE ON!! woo-hoo, what a girl!

  11. hahahaha...I can easily relate to that name-badge story as you just do it automatically, it seems. That stinks if you can't use the cord while you are there.....may as well return it if you can't get it opened before you head home!

  12. Rosemary needs some sleep and rest, lol.
    That is so funny.

    I can't wait till you get your photos in and see all of the wonderful booths and new things from market.


  13. I'm thinking she just wants the fun to continue! Why not?!? Get a couple of hours of sleep, and off another day....can't wait to hear of your adventures!

  14. Hi Kelly and Rosemary,
    It was nice to meet you both at the F&W Media Booth. I cannot believe what wonderful spirits Rosemary was in after getting hurt. I hope you both enjoyed the Fabric Jewelry Demo.
    Heidi Pridemore


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