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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Other Opportunities to Win a GO! Fabric Cutter

You could have a chance to win a GO! Fabric Cutter by becoming a friend of AccuQuilt on Facebook (they give a GO! away every time they reach a certain number of fans on Facebook). If sign up for the AccuQuilt newsletter they sometimes give away  a GO! Fabric Cutter every month. 

If you really just want the GO! Fabric Cutter, you can always order it through IHAN....we really have great prices!!  (truth :)

Check out the great new Licensed Dies also available at IHAN:

I can't wait to get a free minute to use my new dies.  The neat thing is that you don't have to use the entire die.  You can just use part of it for leaves or what ever interesting shape you want to make....just don't cover the entire die with fabric :)



  1. I'm trying and TRYING to win a Go Cutter!!! I didn't know about their newsletter but just signed up for it now after reading your thanks for that! (Being retired and on a pretty fixed budget, I can't afford to buy the machine AND the extra dies I'd that is why I'm hoping to WIN a machine and then I can use my money for the dies!) My poor toes and fingers are cramped from keeping them crossed now for a few weeks hoping to win a cutter.....LOL

  2. I've still got my fingers crossed...which makes it very difficult to type...but I am willing to sacrifice for my love of quilting..

  3. Wow. IHAN does have an excellent selection of AccuQuilt GO! dies and fantastic prices! Yumm.


  4. I will get one, one way or another, lol.
    I haven't signed up with them yet. Every time I go on facebook, someone wants to chat and I only have so much time;)


  5. I didn't know about the newsletter so thanks, have signed up. Love the "are you a dedicated quilter?" on their site, think I'll share it on my blog!


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