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Friday, May 7, 2010

What A Difference 10 Years Make

Ten years ago tonight I was having the time of my life.  Rick and I were married that Saturday afternoon.  I think the look on my face tells it all.  I thought I would burst with joy. 

As a tribute to our marriage I got 10 rose bushes for our yard.  I told Rick the roses are beautiful like our life together over the last 10 years and the thorns are to remind us that we get prickly sometimes.  He laughed and said they seemed appropriate.  

I have not posted the last couple of days because my youngest co-worker has had Strep Throat. 
My oldest co-worker reached into my purse while in the doctors office and started shooting pictures.  They both use my camera and it is funny when I find close up photos of each other's mouths and stones on the ground.  Mr. Zach is feeling better and will be going to school tomorrow :)

Do you know what this is?  It is hail!!  We had a bad storm roll through and I was away from home.  Rick ran out and grabbed a piece of hail and put it in the freezer.  The next morning the boys were thrilled to see their "hail" still in the freezer.....and it is still in there now.  I just glad they did not put a critter in there....the joy of boys :)
Isn't this a lovely postcard?  I think it is so great.  Anya, HillsCreekQuilter, sent it to me after she received her prize from the Anniversary Celebration.  Thank you Anya!!!



  1. Happy Anniversary. The stars aligned when you and Rick met and eventually married. And, when Aaron and Zach came into your lives.

    Love knowing you planted 10 rose bushes for your yard in honor of your Anniversary. What a great idea!


  2. Oh Kelly, you are so beautiful! Happy anniversary! You are just a newlywed compared to old me! We are nearing 22 years of marriage this year.

    And your poor little guy looked so sick! I am glad to hear he is feeling better.

  3. You look so beautiful in your wedding pic. I wonder though, how you found a guy taller than you! The rose bushes were a great idea. I'm glad your son is feeling better.
    Your postcard is wonderful..I LOVE selvage projects! Lynne

  4. Awww...poor guy ! I hope he feels better ! I never get a mouth I usually get 1/2 a nostril or two odd little eyes staring back at me : ).

  5. Happy Anniversary to you and Mr. McSteamy!! How ironic that you have your wedding picture followed with one of you and a sick kiddo! See what happens?!?!? But isn't it wonderful....

    Hope the little guy is feeling better so you can catch up a little, and love the postcard!!

  6. Oh yes,


  7. Gee thanks Anya, make the rest of us look bad!

  8. Congrats on 10 years Kelly and I am glad your little fella is well again. He looks so sick...aawww I want to jump into the screen and give him a big hug.
    I have blogged about EQ7 too :) I told all who read my blog how fantastic you are :)

  9. Strep throat? Poor baby! Hope no one else gets it.

    Happy anniversary. We're a year behind you...celebrating our ninth in June. Ya know, the rose analogy is true... And when it blooms, it is just simply wonderful!

    Here's to many happy years together!

  10. Happy 10th Anniversary Kelly! What sweet memories! Always keep it those roses bloom.

  11. Happy Anniversary! Hope your little guy is feeling better.

  12. The good (anniversary) always seems to come with bad (illness), and you appear to be handling it well. And hey, isn't it nice to see you still get blog comments, even without prizes?!?

  13. Happy Anniversary, what a pretty bride!

    Hope your littlest coworker is back to full health soon.

  14. congratulations!!! 10 rosebushes, what a lovely gift!

    oh, man!! I hadn't jumped on selvedge bandwagon ~ but that postcard is just too cute!

  15. yes, that pictures says it all...congrats to you and your hubby. You will have to show us pictures of the rose bushes when they bloom for you.

    Glad your little guy is getting better.

  16. Happy Anniversary

  17. Happy anniversary, Kelly! A great life partner is one of those gifts you have to be thankful for every day--except of course on those "prickly" days. Hope your little guy completes his journey to wellness without any difficulties.

  18. Congrats on 10 years! That is wonderful! and I love that little postcard you got! Very clever use of selvages!

  19. Happy Anniversary, As for Boys, mine used to have things follow him home and then with sad puppy dog eyes would ask can I keep him. And to think I used to wonder why I would find crumbs from his lunch in his pockets, think that had anything thing to do with being followed.... LOL

  20. I love the stories about your boys. I have two girls (4 next month and 9 months) and am glad I can hear about some of those adventures. I was meant for girls ;)

  21. Happy anniversary. I celebrated my tenth last year and that day my son was sick with stomach flu.... what a day to remember!!!
    What a great idea 10 rose bushes!
    Have a great week end.
    Eli, from Italy.

  22. Congratulations! Wonderful idea about the 10 rose bushes....I love it.

  23. Happy anniversary to you and your DH Kelly!!!

    What colour roses did you plant?

    I'm glad your son is feeling much better now.

  24. Happy Anniversary!
    I think planting the roses is a wonderful way to celebrate your life together.


  25. Congrats on the 10 look gorgeous on your wedding day and so happy....what a lovely idea to get the ten rose bushes....and last but not least the selvage postcard is terrific...hugs Khris


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