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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Is Embellishing the Truth Genetic?

Zachary was riding his bicycle yesterday and then he came running into the kitchen.  "Look Mommy!!!" he said.  Just as I turned my head I saw this precious little face staring at me with a cardboard tube on his nose.  I cracked up. 

Then I was thinking it looks a little like Pinocchio....doesn't it?  Maybe this little problem with Embellishing the Truth might just be genetic.  Ya just never know.

This is what's blooming at IHAN Headquarters....some of my little babies popped while I was gone to Market.  Coming home to all these beautiful blooms was great.

OK Alright Already....I'll get back to Market posts....a girl needs a little breather you know?  Slave Drivers...sheesh.



  1. Loving the flower pictures but if you took over 2000 photos at Market, you do have a lot of work to do to sort through them and show us!!! LOL

  2. Beautiful flowers Kelly, so nice to come home to such pretty flowers blooming away.

  3. Who could not fall in love with Zach. He certainly made me giggle today. I think you need to start a special collection of Zach's Giggles, for his future book. Could be a great publication, guarantee to bring a smile to all readers!


  4. Creative Mom = creative son. How cute he is, and clever too!

  5. What a cute little Pinocchio he makes. Lovley flower photos too.

  6. I'm with Sew Cal Gal!! YOu must start a Zach giggle collection!! Those flowers are nice, beautiful even, but those first two pictures will never happen again! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Handsome young man and beautiful flowers Kelly!


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