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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Off to Quilt Market in Minneapolis in just 7 hours :)

Ok, so I leave in 7 hours.....and I've not packed yet but darn tootin I'll be on the road at 7AM.  LOL

Sorry for not posting today.  I have two posts just waiting to have the last minute bits added....but I did not get the time to finish so you'll have to wait until I'm worn out tomorrow night for me to post in Minneapolis!!!

Quilt Market here I come.  All I have to say is there better be a lot of armed guards because I have a lot of blog friends who want lots of thread and fun sewing notions and the only way to get that much is know.....shhhhh I can't put it in writing....but you know ...right?   Don't forget you are the jury of my peers....and I expect you to show up at trial and insist that I'm innocent and just a nice person who loves to give great stuff to her friends, right?  RIGHT?  Get the story straight so we don't look guilty in court OK?

Really Naughty Smiles


  1. AND we won't mention the Alex Anderson incident, right? RIGHT? Alex, Alex, are you out there?? Bail money anyone???

  2. Have fun at Quilt Market. Don't get arrested. I hope you'll pop by the AccuQuilt booth to find out who (me?) won their Barn Quilt contest.


  3. Have fun at Quilt Market. Don't get arrested. I hope you'll pop by the AccuQuilt booth to find out who (me?) won their Barn Quilt contest.


  4. This totally cracks me up--have you ever read A Jury of Her Peers? It's about a woman who kills her husband, but the only ones to figure that out are the women and they keep their mouths shut because they completely understand why she committed the heinous crime...

    ♥have fun at market!!

  5. Wish I was going to quilt Market and I would pop in and say hello to you. I hope it all goes well for you and lots of fun is had :)

  6. Travel safely, Kelly!

    Have a ball!! :)

  7. haha, you crack me up...have fun at market

  8. ((((grin))) I was with her the whole time you honor....we were on the other side of the market when that happened!

  9. Have a wonderful time and I can't wait to see what new goodies you find.


  10. Call me if you need bail money. Have a blast. Can't wait to hear about it! :-D

  11. LOL Kelly~ have a fabulous time! I can't wait for your reports. :-)

  12. Hope you have a ball Kelly. Hugs Naomi

  13. We hope you have fun at the market! We look forward to your creations.


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