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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Smith Street Designs Wildflower Pattern with CD

Last Saturday I was lucky enough to be able to join some gals in the local Machine Embroidery Guild at one of their stitch-ins.  I don't have an Embroidery Machine but I've always wanted to learn what they are about.  Wow was I surprised to see the varieties of machines and the amazing quilt pattern everyone was working on.  The pattern is called Wildflower and it is by Smith Street Designs.

This is my friend, Diane's block.  Everyone was working with batiks and they were absolutely beautiful.
These machines are soooo cool.  Diane was showing me all the bells and whistles on her machine.  I was fascinated by how her machine knew just where to stitch and it moved around the hoop until it found where it was going to stitch. 

Isn't this Sunflower beautiful on the batik?

I am amazed by how sophisticated these designs and the machines are.  I know it sounds like I live under a rock and I don't.  But honestly I don't think I ever really took the time to investigate what machine embroidery is all about.  If you think Machine Embroidery is just for monogramming and little pictures on are like me and I'm telling you there is another world out there.....I just peeked in and it sure is impressive.



  1. Gosh, these are beautiful ME designs. I'm not familiar with this designer. Thanks for sharing insights. They certainly would make a beautiful quilt, purse, placemat, purse, towel....yes, many potential projects!


  2. I love those designs. I don't do the embroidery, but my husband dabbles in it. Tell me, did you just lay down green fabric when it was time to do the leaves and then trim it away when it is done? or does it tack the leaf area down and then you trim it and it finishes the satin stitching. I love those designs. I'll show him your post.

  3. HI Kelly! Wow! You really took some nice photos of the blocks! We enjoyed having you as a visitor! Hope you join us in this embroidery craze soon! You really need an embroidery-capable machine! Diane

  4. I have been wanting an embroidery machine for a while now....looks like it will be even longer now...oh well...thanks for feeding the desire...the pictures are great!!

  5. Congratulations on your Anniversary and what beautiful flowers. I am with you I don't know a lot about machine embroidery looks great! Jenna Louise

  6. Wow ! Those are lovely - amazing what technology can help us do !

  7. One of my friends makes the embroidery blocks with the flowers, and she put them on batiks. They were simply gorgeous, but they cost her an arm and a leg for the embroidery thread to do that kind of work on her expensive sewing machine, so she went to patchwork quilting. She just does that embroidery work once in awhile, and for labels. You're right, there's a new world out there, but some of it can be pretty expensive to do. Happy Quilting!

  8. Also, Happy Mother's Day! Happy Quilting!

  9. Those blocks are gorgeous. I wish I knew how to use my machine. I have not even put on the embroidery arm. I got mine and the store closed down. I wish people would do designs like that with instructions on how to use the machine to do it.


  10. i have an embroidery it......those sunflowers are beautiful

  11. Such pretty designs, I have an older embroidery machine and love those bells and whistles. They always come out with such gorgeous designs for the newer machines.

  12. How creative this one, its beautiful

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