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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Proof I was in Minneapolis :) at Spring Quilt Market

The first IHAN photo to hit the blogosphere.  I'm guessing I just might be one of only a few folks who took almost 2,000 photos in 3 days and didn't have a Press Pass (I'm going to apply for one of those babies....I think they get free snacks :).

Yes, almost 2,000 photos.  I have to organize those little buggers to get the ball rolling.  We arrived home safely around midnight from Minneapolis.  I left everything in the van (so if you are a is a good time to hit the van....cuz I'm going to bed) and just brought my toiletries, purse and cameras in the house.  I moved all the photos over to my computer and checked my e-mails and filled orders.

I have to go to bed now....but I will start the story off at the beginning tomorrow.  Thanks a million for reading and being patient.  If you have left comments and I have not responded....just know I have a few hundred e-mails in my in-box and I will get to them.

Big -ole-happy Smiles,


  1. Glad you got home all safe and sound Kelly and I look forward to seeing your photos :)

  2. YAY!! So glad you got there and whizzed around again! SO looking forward to all your posts and the next 2000 pics! lol! Hope you slept well and replenished that energy!

  3. Welcome home! Can't wait to see about all of the fun stuff that you got to see first hand!

  4. No need to comment to any of mine... Enjoy the sleep, rest up, kiss the hubby and kids and get back to your routine...

    We'll wait for ya... Hugs

  5. I also think you might be the only attendee who took over 2000 photos and didn't yet post a single one of them!!! LOL

  6. WahHoo!! Permission to steal the goodies ;o) Put the coffee on, I'm on the way lol
    I'm still trying to get up the nerve to take pics of the disaster I call a sewing room so I can blog an entry for the Go! I know, I know...running out of time 8-|

  7. I hear it is quite a place to visit....

  8. I think if I were you, I would sleep through the day;)
    I can't wait to see your photos and hear about your adventures.


  9. Glad you're home safe. I'll be looking forward to new quilting ideas :)

  10. Cant wait to hear all about it, glad you are home safe.

  11. I am looking forward to hearing about your journey. I'm glad you had a safe trip and get some rest so you can dig into all those treasures!


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