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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Lightening Strikes IHAN Twice

Remember this photo from yesterday....

(I took this photo :)
taken here in Perrysburg.  I have one to add to it....

 Check this one out.....LIGHTENING.....I bet you think it can't strike twice in one would be wrong....LOL
(note: this is not a photo I took....I just thought it was beautiful and looked like Lightening Striking Twice....but thanks for thinking even for a minute that I could take such beautiful photos:)

Remember last month when everyone and their brother wanted to win the GO! Fabric Cutter from AccuQuilt for our First Anniversary Celebration?  Well......AccuQuilt has decided to do it again!!!

How exciting and incredible is this? You know I'm thrilled because I think my GO! Fabric Cutter is the best thing since sliced bread (no, I have not tried putting bread through my cutter....yet :)  IHAN blog readers know I love giving things away. 

Now, I just have to come up with the fun details about how you can enter to win.  You know me, I'll come up with something!!!
Stay tuned for all the fun details :)


  1. Hey Kelly, I have a better yourself the trouble and just send it to me! Looks like a great little machine and I'd sure love to try using it!

    Looking forward to whatever fun way you come up with to give it away!


  2. Oh how fun Kelly! I can be like you if I win one!

  3. Woot! I hope the "lightning" strikes for the first time on MY number. heh heh
    I LOVE the photographs. Wow, Girl, you are a great photographer.

    and the picture of the AccuQuilt is not bad either. ::grin::

  4. Wow, that lightening photo is amazing. Can feel the ENERGY. Great shot!

  5. Kelly, that is just so awesome and fun....your blogging friends should love you for truly are a generous person....

  6. Wowza! That is FABulous! I am getting my comment finger ready! hahaha.

  7. totally awesome, you and Barb both get to have fun giving a go away.

  8. If lightening strikes ME can I have some extra entries??? Awesome photography!
    Happy Thursday:)

  9. Totally awesome, you and Barb both.

  10. You cloud photos from yesterday reminded me of something similar I took almost a year ago in Southern CA except we didn't get the incredible lightening that you were able to capture. It made me think of something holly would create for a horror movie. The fabric cutter looks interesting haven't seen one like that before.

  11. WOW! smashing photos!! I do hope lightening strikes twice as I am so coveting that cutter! Thanks for arranging another chance..

  12. I love "storm" photos. The skies can be so amazing.

    Oooh OOOHH!!! I am certainly going to enter. And IF I don't win I will show up at the winner's door and take it from the delivery man. I will just sit on the porch and act like I belong -then Say "Oh, I have been waiting for this! Thank you!"
    oh I shouldn't have said that..the winner will have the po-po on the lookout for me.

  13. Wow Kelly, I saw on Barb's blog (your best friend :-) that she is giving one away too! Awesome. You girls rock!

  14. PICK ME!!!!!!! How cool would it be to be able to call it mine!!

    Thanks to Accut for the great giveaway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. OK I love the photos no matter who took them!
    And for me, a celiac, the ACCU-GO would be WAY better the sliced bread ;)

  16. I'll be know I'm one (on the ever-growing list) who really wanted this cutter the first time.....and STILL want it!!! LOL

  17. Oh yay! I love second chances!~ now I am just going to have to think positive... a lot!! ;-) I like lightning pics too~ that second one is very cool!

  18. I thought for sure you took that picture!!!!

  19. I'd do just about anything for that cutter!!! Especially with everything I WANT to do this year :)
    You are so generous...can't wait to read the details...

  20. c'mon, Kelly.......just have us leave a comment. Don't make us jump thru all those hoops.....:(

    One comment for everybody and the random generator - what a concept!

  21. How wonderful is that! I would love to have this machine. It is so neat, and I am sure that there are endless possibilities with it.Thanks for arranging another chance to win. Oh, I did love your photos!

  22. Amazing photos! I love photos of lightening.

    It must feel amazing to be able to give away another Go! Fabric cutter.

  23. Awesome!! I'm ready to jump through the hoops whenever you get them set up--lol.

  24. How about He/She who send you the most TimTams wins!?


  25. I love that shot, admire people who can get such beautiful photos. I think that is a contest, a lot of people would love to win;)


  26. Woo hoo! Congratulations. Lucky you! I'm really so very happy for you!



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