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Monday, November 30, 2009

Help Flat Stanley Get Around

I promise I'll get back to posting about sewing/stitching related topics tomorrow...I think :)

Meet Flat Stanley.  He belongs to Sam who is in the 2nd grade in Mansfield PA.  I acquired him while home for Thanksgiving.  He needed to go out of state on a visit.  We brought him back to OH with us.  Along the way he has gathered a few souvenirs and some brochures about his travels.  Tomorrow he will be packed and sent to New Hampshire for a short stay before going back to Mansfield, PA.

Posted by PicasaHOWEVER....with the Internet.....why can't Stanley do some cyber travel too? If you would like to print out this photo and take his picture in your area and send me a digital photo...I can print it and ship it with his box.  If you have a few minutes to participate....I think we could make one little fella in 2nd grade smile very big when his box gets to his desk.

If this is too much for you to do before 3:30 about sending Sam F.  a post card from where you live.  Perhaps you can tell him a little bit about where you live and / or just say hi.  Here is where to send the post card:

Sam F. C/O Jenny Kilmer
Miller Elementary School
Dorsett Dr.
Mansfield PA 16933

There is a third option too.  If you are someone I can just send me an e-mail with SAM F. in the Subject box and tell him you saw his Flat Stanley and send him a greeting from where you live.  You can tell him a little about yourself and your area.  Then I'll print out the e-mails and put it in his box.  My e-mail is:

I hope Sam F. who colored this fun Flat Stanley smiles when he sees how far his Flat Stanley went on his little trip. 



  1. Flat Stanley came to my house to visit a few years ago. What a fun project. I'll send you an e-mail. Wonder if he'll remember me? LOL

  2. I am having printer problems but I will try to get to it tomorrow, can't promise anything but will try.


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