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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

CEO of IHAN Greatfully Released from Captivity on the Eve of Thanksgiving

Ohhhhh my....thanks for all your thoughts and prayers....I'm so glad to report I have emerged from the undisclosed location unharmed!!!!  I was driven to my in-laws house and pushed from a running vehicle into their driveway just in time for Thanksgiving :)

Today I spent my day with this lovely woman.....she is my Mother-in-Law.  No one can fix a Thanksgiving feast like she can.  I know I'm safe now :)

This is what she was up to today.

Ohhhh yea baby....I made cranberry relish of my favorites.

Look, it's Mr. Wonderful helping in the kitchen!!!

Joanne has asked to visit with Mr. Flat Stanley so as soon as I get back to OH I will take some photos with him there and ship him to Joanne!!!  Thanks Joanne :)

I have to say all this captivity has done me well.  I've been in bed before 2 am every night.  However I have not been getting back to all my e-mails  very quickly.  I have read every one but I will need a little more time to reply.  Orders are being shipped her from PA....the CEO never rests :)

Here is an excellent deal...... just in time for your holiday shopping....

and speaking of holiday shopping....stay tuned for more updates coming soon :)



  1. Whew, girl, I was really worried there. It sounds like you had a whirl wind adventure. Wishing you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving!


  3. I'm so happy you (CEO of IHAN) have been released from your hostages, in time to enjoy Thanksgiving with family. And I'm very happy that your mother-in-law is taking good care of you and feeding you well, plus ensuring you go to bed at a more reasonable hour.

    I'll call the FBI and CIA to let them know you are safe.

    Have a very Happy Thanksgiving.



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